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Every programmer knows it’s often required to put personal information, such as an e-mail address or a contact phone on the Internet. But unfortunately, this data may be viewed not only by people but also by search robots. Receiving the cherished number, they start spamming: bots send users unnecessary advertising at any time of the day, offer to purchase some Chinese goods or unknown offices services.


So how is it possible to protect yourself from annoying spam? Anti-spam service for websites on offers you using a tool that turns textual information into an image in a few seconds in order robots not to be able to read it.

What’s Spam

Spamming, also known as questionable e-mail is the undesirable e-commerce messages, in particular, mass e-mail.

Spamming, also known as questionable e-mail is the undesirable e-commerce messages, in particular, mass e-mail. Undesirable means that the recipient didn’t give permission to send him or her a message. Mass means the message is sent as part of a large number of messages of the same content. The term spamming refers to the transmission, distribution or delivery of any unwanted electronic commercial correspondence via electronic communication tool.

Lots of programmers face the problem of receiving spam emails through the forms on their website. Usually, these are contact forms created for visitors to leave their requests or feedback. Spammers try to intercept these forms to send spam letters.

Fighting spam doesn’t mean it is going to provide protection from hackers. But spam messages often contain links to other resources which in turn can redirect users to infected resources or phishing sites. Or they may contain links to some malicious files.
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Best Protection From Spam

One of the ways to protect WordPress website from spam is to use diverse plugins. We offer you to get familiar with the most widespread free spam protector for all WordPress sites which is called Cleantalk. The plugin is an excellent way to protect the site for free.

Cleantalk is a cloud service protecting your blog from spam. The installed plugin sends the commentator data to the server which in turn analyzes the data and decides whether the message is spammed. The service has its own algorithm for determining spam. It also checks the domains, IP, email databases used by spammers.

What does the service provide users with?

  • Supporting WordPress forms, JetPack comments, and any other comment plugins. The plugin sends the comments to the Spam folder. It is possible to enable the option which automatically deletes comments from the Spam folder.
  • Filtering spambots in the WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, S2Member, WooCommerce, Profile builder registration forms, and any other registration plugins.
  • Censoring abusive comments. Messages containing profanity and hate speech are automatically sent to manual moderation.

The method of antispam protection offered by CleanTalk eliminates the protection methods complicating the communication between site visitors. The application allows you to automate the protection against spambots. The service automatically identifies and rejects dangerous registrations. To determine the spam service uses a series of checks the visitor is not able to identify providing additional protection.

Julia Smith