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APE-X Successfully Exemplifies High-Risk Trading and Crypto Meme Culture

The APE-X crypto meme is something that its creators believe has not been done yet in the metaverse.

The recent rise in popularity of meme coins as a strong investment option has been fanning the flame that has been burning among crypto enthusiasts and investors. If anything, it has opened overwhelming and exciting doors of opportunity for investors to elevate their investment choices, most especially those who are into high-risk trading. APE-X understands this need among several investors and is taking the lead in revolutionizing investment experiences within the metaverse.

“We believe that there is a cultural revolution currently happening in finance. This revolution is being fuelled by people who want to take their finances into their own hands and have the ability to access financial instruments with high investment potential, which are typically only reserved for institutions and high net worth individuals,” its creators shared. “A subset of these people are what we refer to as apes - those that invest in tokens solely for the reason that they connect with the meme of the token and it offers the potential for high ROI.”

The APE-X crypto meme is something that its creators believe has not been done yet in the metaverse.

The APE-X crypto meme is something that its creators believe has not been done yet in the metaverse. By capitalizing on the powerful nature of the ape, it highlights the creature’s wit, risk-taking, and no-nonsense attributes that far outweigh the capacity of dogs, specifically the Shiba Inus, DOGE coin, and SHIB. Clearly, APE-X has landed a unique niche, which the whole crypto community can embrace openly.

“We lean into this niche. Our products focus on pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with financial primitives - what is the most risk that we can safely get away with for our users to make the best ROI? We also put immense focus on leveraging memes through our marketing materials that relate to high-risk crypto traders. We feel that our products play to this niche very well, and those high-risk crypto traders truly connect with our brand,” the APE-X creators explained.

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The token community is designed to feature some of the most exciting attributes of the animal meme space. APE-X is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), self-sustaining, brings frictionless yield, and is able to maintain auto liquidity generation. For the community to stay liquid, 5% on all transactions is compiled in the token contract. Once collected, half of it will be automatically sold, while the remaining half will be added to the liquidity pool.

Interestingly, 4% of all transactions will be automatically distributed to existing holders of APE-X. Naturally, the more APE-X tokens people have, the bigger their rewards will be. There is no need for holders to stake and waste gas. They can simply reap the benefits of having invested in several APE-X tokens.

APE-X is currently running on its second phase, which already involves applying for new exchange listings, the development of the APE-X DAO App, building partnerships with big social media platforms, and launching the merchandise store.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

They are also hosting a massive giveaway for a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT to one lucky holder of the APE-X token. Full details are available on their website. The third phase is the part where the community votes for the initiatives to be undertaken in 2022. It will also see more partnerships with artists for a new NFT series and more exchange listings.

Find out more about APE-X by visiting its website. Follow them on Twitter to get updates on the latest developments. Check it out on Instagram for more information on the token community.