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According to ancient folklore, a phoenix always rises from the ashes – renewed.


This “boy next door” type of vibe is what attracts most people to Arham Muhammad. He came from humble beginnings and worked his way up the ladder of success. The only mentorship or educational guidance he possibly had were the life lessons he took from the things that were happening to him and that which he could read and research. 

Arham was born in the digital era, and his love for computers began when he was young. This passion helped him overcome the trauma of a broken home and the extreme poverty and hardship he and his family faced.

Figuring out how a computer functioned was one of Arham’s favorite hobbies. This hobby later led to his first business start-up – an internet-based social media platform called Zstash. Although unsuccessful, it gave him some worthwhile business experience. 

The business world operates on some pre-conceived ideas. One of those is that Pakistan does not always equate to successful business ownership, which Arham proved wrong. 

Arham later focused on reverse engineering, computer forensics, and cybersecurity – specifically penetration testing. He wrote proofs of concept and did a lot of vulnerability testing on websites for large corporations. 

Arham has a high work ethic. Throughout his youth and with the establishment of his first start-up business, he would easily clock 20 to 22 hours a day. A lot of these days left him going to bed exhausted and hungry. 

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With tenacity a significant character trait, Arham never let failure get him down. He used the hardships, struggles, and failures in his life as building blocks for his future success.

Arham’s next venture was into global digital advertising. VIPs and celebrities were offered the opportunity to help them grow their brand and finances. With almost no experience in this environment, Arham made a remarkable success in this company. 

Arham has a tough exterior but a very soft heart. His family takes center stage. Who can be more proud of himself than a man who has worked his way up to being a multi-millionaire at the tender age of 28, able to provide a home and financial security for his family? 

Arham is a visionary and a man with broad interests. 

Arham is passionate about reading and learning. He has an unquenchable hunger for knowledge and has made up for his curtailed education. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Arham is a man who forever looks towards the future. “Life is too short to stay stagnant,” he said. “Rather try new challenges in life and see where you end up. Build your stairway to success in your life lessons and failures. No experience is ever a bad experience.” 

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