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It can be tough to say just the right thing when you want to sext with someone. It can be really easy to take thing too far, too fast. You never want to scare a girl away by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go in with a game plan. You can figure out what you want to say and, more importantly, how you want to say it. It can save you a lot of wasted time because the girl won’t end up disappearing because you said something in the wrong way.

Sexting Messages

Is your name Terra? Because I could really dig you!

You never want to scare a girl away by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go in with a game plan.

This is an opening line that should always work well for you. It shows the girl that you’re smart, as long as she gets what you’re saying. If she doesn’t you can always explain it to her. That means more time talking to her while you make her laugh and that’s always the key. The whole joke here is that Terra means Earth and it can also be a name. You dig the Earth, and you can dig this girl. It’s a good way to start things off.

Do you work in construction? Because you’re giving me an erection!

This is another play on words that the right girl can really appreciate. The term erection means both a boner and a construct. It works on a few levels and it’s guaranteed to get a laugh out of the girl. You’re also telling her that she’s turning you on at the same time. It’s the best way to say things like that without actually saying them and that’s the key to this whole thing. You want to be cute and sexy at the same time and that’s not always easy.

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Did you fall from heaven? Because you’re about to land on my face!

Once again, this is a way of being sexual without actually being sexual. It also takes very old pick-up lines and reworks it in a way that can be amusing. That’s what makes it a winner and will ensure that you keep talking to the girl. No one is going to turn away a person who can both reinvent an old line while making them think about sex at the same time. It’s a subconscious way to get the ball rolling toward some naked picture and that’s really what this is all about.

Do you think I’m your lap dog? Because your pic just gave me a bone!

This is the sort of line you can use after she starts sending you the more conservative pics. She hasn’t quite gotten to the nudity yet, but you want to make sure that she knows that you think she’s hot. It will give her the confidence to take off her clothes and start sending you the really good stuff. It’s the way that you make it all happen and, if she’s talked to you for this long, you’re sure to start getting them now.

Just keep her laughing

The whole point of sending lines to a girl is to get her laughing and then to keep her laughing. That’s what it’s all about. Also, you can share these lines on for chatting with hot girls. The more she laughs, the better your chances will be of getting some nude pics. Just talk to her and gauge her reactions. If you’re not getting the ones you want from your lines, switch them up. These are just examples to get you in the direction you want to go in to make sure you succeed.

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