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Astraea Tay

Behind the scenes with Astraea Tay and Obi Nnadi from Too Hot To Handle: Season 3

Astraea Tay has been gaining global spotlight these days for her meticulous brand management strategies. She is also an efficient social media marketer helping her clients thrive and succeed even with the presence of cut-throat competition all-around.

As a versatile brand professional, Astraea Tay has worked in multiple profiles and meticulously handled each of them. Currently, she is an independent brand builder, creative influencer, and social media professional.

“I always wanted to excel in the field of creativity. Since childhood, I have dreamt of doing something new or creating something interesting. As I grew up, I shifted my full focus towards creativity. Thankfully, in no time, I got well-versed with the social media algorithm as well. I follow my own brand marketing approaches for maximum visibility. And I am happy that each of my clients is happy with my strategies,” Astraea Tay responded.

Focus On Online Reputation Management

Brand building is an umbrella term. ORM or Online Reputation Management plays a significant role in it. Any brand has to popularize their products or services online. They need positive reviews, regular blog posts, and product listings in local search engine pages.

“ORM is an emerging concept but brands can get multiple benefits out of it. The prime aim of ORM is to enhance brand visibility and generate new leads for the firm. But before generating new leads, influencers have to work towards improving the brand’s ORM,” Astraea Tay claimed.

Work Is Worship

Work is worship or even more than that, Astraea takes pride in serving each of her clients to the best of her abilities.

Work is worship or even more than that, Astraea takes pride in serving each of her clients to the best of her abilities. She advises that every client has different business objectives and promotional needs. You have to treat all clients equally.

“Whether a client opts for only one or two services for a complete digital marketing solution, an influence has to treat every client equally. My sole priority is to enhance the brand visibility of my clients and generate maximum leads for them. I am delighted that so many of my clients across LA are now doing well in their businesses.” Astraea Tay stated.

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Concentrate on Long Term Growth And Stability

Astraea Tay currently spearheads Revoura LLC, a brand promotion company. Through her company, she strategizes on online marketing campaigns for her clients to ensure their long term growth and stability. She meticulously implements a series of essential social media marketing tricks to make sure that her clients can withstand competition and survive.

How It All Started

Astraea Tay has been using social media since the age of 16. She was quite proficient in handling digital creation platforms like LiveMe and YouNow at that age. In no time, she also got enough popularity on these digital marketing platforms.

When she turned 18, she stepped into modeling and four years later, she became a professional photographer. She was hardly 22 years-old at that time.

While she was working as brand marketing experts for real estate properties, she started indulging in professional photoshoots. Gradually, it soon became her passion. In less than 100 days, Astraea Tay successfully shot around 100 people, and most of them were social media influencers with a huge fan following.

In Conclusion

Astraea Tay believed social media is reality now. Every person desirous of becoming successful needs to have a considerable amount of fans and followers on their social media profiles.

Today, your success is assessed from your fan following, website visits, new leads, ROI, and social media engagement rate. Every brand or person has to constantly work on their online promotion and visibility.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

“The day you stop and don’t optimize your brand visibility is the day when success will also say goodbye to you. Consistency, creativity, and crispy content are the three basic ingredients, which can make or break your brand identity.” Astraea Tay concluded.

You can follow Astraea Tay onInstagram.