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Victorious PR

Victorious PR, the award-winning public relations firm that specializes in taking clients to the top of their niche, is no stranger to growth.

In fact, all the company has done since its inception in 2020 is expand – and it has revolutionized the PR industry as a result. In the first three months, the company grew from $0 to six figures and the firm experienced record growth in a year dominated by businesses dropping out of the market. Currently, founder Victoria Kennedy and her all-star team work with over 50 clients across a diverse swath of industries.

“2021 has been an incredible year for us,” said Kennedy. “I’m so proud of everything our team has done, from bringing in $1 million our first year without paid ads and relying solely on PR efforts to harnessing countless amazing opportunities for our clients and our business. This is only the beginning.”

Awarded for Excellence

Victorious PR has been topping the charts on their own behalf, not just on behalf of their clients.

Victorious PR has been topping the charts on their own behalf, not just on behalf of their clients. Expertise recently named Victorious PR one of the best PR companies in Las Vegas, and Clutch named the firm to its 2021 list of Top Nevada-Based PR Firms. Mirror Review also came out with rankings that named Victorious PR as one of its top 10 acclaimed PR companies.

All of these awards and rankings serve two key purposes for the Victorious PR team, said Kennedy.

“Every time we’re so privileged as to receive another prestigious nomination, it really drives home for us that we have real, actionable value for our clients and the industries in which they operate,” she said. “And it also reminds us that we must continue to strive to meet our high standard of excellence in everything we do.”


While the Victorious PR team guards their trade secrets – as they should! – they aren’t shy about their commitment to doing whatever it takes to solidify their clients’ spot at the top of their industries. From bookings on top podcasts to TEDx Talk placements and articles in leading publications like Forbes, the Victorious PR team works tirelessly to go above and beyond.

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“We really believe that our clients will get out of their campaigns everything that we are able to put into them,” said Kennedy. “That’s why we’re so driven to succeed – we want to empower our clients to be seen as the experts they are, and we have all the tools needed to help them do that.”

Making the Most

When Kennedy’s opera-singing career came to an abrupt end, her pivot to PR was shocking to everyone except herself. When considering what she wanted her next step to be, she knew one thing: it had to be something that would make a difference.

“As a musician, I was no stranger to self-promotion, and I picked up a lot of PR skills that were just as easily applicable to others as they were to myself,” she said. ��So when I founded Victorious PR and began leveraging my connections on behalf of my clients, it was super easy to use my talents and skills for others. I’ve loved every minute of it!”

The impact public relations has on the life of a business or entrepreneur is not to be overstated; that’s the first thing Kennedy tells her clients, and it’s part of why she loves this field so much, she said.

“I get to wake up every morning and hear my clients’ stories, share in their successes and failures, and learn about new facets of the world in which we live,” she said. “It makes me a better person, it makes Victorious PR a better company, and it enriches the lives of all our clients.”

And when it comes to working with less-established businesses, Kennedy said there’s nothing better than watching a formerly unknown company rake in the accolades and rise in the ranks of its industry peers – just as Victorious PR has.

“When we get new clients who have just founded their venture or are just beginning to invest in their messaging, we love that,” she said. “It’s so much fun to take a business and its owners from obscurity to the top of their game. They get tons of amazing press to hit the ground running, and we get the honor of watching them grow into something amazing. That truly is the power of PR.”

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About Victorious PR

Victorious PR is an award-winning full-service PR agency that helps impactful leaders and businesses be seen and heard to have a greater influence on the world. They have gotten their clients featured in top podcasts, tv, and stages, as well as featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg to name a few. To book a call to become the #1 authority in your niche, click here: