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The Aztec treasures are so legendary that they still grab the imagination five centuries after the actual dramatic events of 1519-1521. The Gold of Tenochtitlán has been lost sometimes back then, which inspired thousands of attempts to find it back. There are so many stories about the wealth of the Mesoamerican Empire that it is indeed challenging to tell the truth from the myth.

What do we know about the Aztecs in the first place? They ruled over the valley of Mexico for about a century or more before the landing of Spanish conquistadors. The empire was also known as Triple Alliance since it was formed by the three city-states - Tenochtitlan, Tetzcoco, and Tlacopan. The story of the Aztec Gold is centered around the first one in the order of mentioning.

The Aztec treasure is believed to be that enormous, so people still look for it and even dig around to locate it with no or little success.

Back in 1519, the army led by Hernan Cortes entered the city and put the emperor Montezuma under arrest. The ruler attempted to please Spanish conquistadors by offering them Gold and other presents. Convinced that there is a much bigger fortune in Tenochtitlan, invaders put the local population on torture and murdered most of the Aztec nobility. Eventually, people revolted against the colonists and set a siege on their location. Spaniards tried to escape. Anyway, most of them were killed for revenge. But most of the vast treasure looted by conquistadors disappeared.

And after that, dozens of legends were born. What happened to the Gold? Some say it drowned in the canals near Tenochtitlan. Many believe that a large portion of the fortune still remained in possession of those Spanish invaders who managed to escape the massacre. Anyhow, the Aztec treasure is believed to be that enormous, so people still look for it and even dig around to locate it with no or little success.

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The Aztec Gold is actually easy to find

The myth of the Triple Alliance wealth is so strong that it is hardly a surprise that it inspired many stories, movies, and games. Speaking of the latter, the gambling business turned its attention to the fortune of the empire of Mesoamerica. There are many Aztec online slots dedicated to the legendary Aztec Gold.

  • Aztec Gold. The game is set on five reels with a maximum of 21 paylines. In most versions of the title, the player can regulate the number of lines used for a spin. The golden crown plays the role of the wild card, while the flat-top pyramid temple is the scatter. The RTP of Aztec Gold is over 96,5% which is above the average. You can play it for free at
  • Aztec Treasure. Another popular slot game dedicated to the Tenochtitlan fortune. There are 5 reels and 25 customizable paylines.
  • Aztec Lost Empire. Montezuma’s Gold might be lost or not? This game opens up a chance to take some part of the treasure back.
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Whatever Aztec-themed title you find entertaining, don’t forget the main lesson. The Spanish conquistadors were too greedy, and that eventually cost their lives. Online slots might not be that dangerous, but still, you need to be careful of the risk taken.