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As the endless world of NFTs proceeds to grow, and a bounty of ventures are minting each week, it is some of the time difficult to isolate the great from the terrible. That hasn't been the case with Bad Ass Fam.

Bad Ass Fam art characters, wearing everything from regular attire and adornments to very high end fashioned clothes with some unique and different traits you can imagine. Technically Bad Ass Fam is switching the NFT world focus from being collectibles to utilized assets in both real world and Web3. Bad Ass Fam is a culmination for us streetwear darlings, as well as design enthusiasts, who cherish a fun piece of art.

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With nearly 10k followers on Twitter, the venture has ended up one of the foremost expected NFT collections in the NFT world. As we are getting ready for the mint date we had a chance to interview one of the creators of Bad Ass Fam, Bahareh Salehnia , AKA, Bahare. In the event that you're looking to become part of the ever-growing community, you'll be able to connect the Bad Ass Fam Discord , Twitter , Instagram.

We looked at your website and noticed you are one of the two creators of Bad Ass Fam and you are a successful photographer. How did you transition from being a photographer to an NFT creator?

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Well I’m still doing photography as my main job while sharing my work on my personal Instagram page. I’ve been very obsessed with NFTs for more than a year now and start collecting them on a regular basis. The idea behind these NFTs are to deliver the body positivity slogan to all people across the world.

Why do all your NFTs look like they are oversized?

It’s really simple, we want to let the world know that being oversized isn’t an issue for anyone, specifically our wonderful women. Our motto is to show the world the struggles behind being oversized and all the hard work they do to be accepted in society. There are many different NFT projects out there, what makes your project really stand out?

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Really good question, our utilities and our community is what we are proud of. What we are planning to do is to donate some portion of the profit to charities that are helping oversized people. We are dropping our merch for every size person and plan to have our 1:1 NFT merch for each holder. One other utility that we are very proud of is to get unlimited access to social media growth tools and knowledge. We are working on a platform to help our holders to learn and earn the knowledge of growing their social media accounts.

Can you please tell who would be interested in your project?

To answer this question I’d say everyone. Our collection is not targeting any specific audience since we are mainly purposed to spread out the oversized isn’t an issue word to everyone.

When does the mint date begin and how can everyone participate?

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We have chosen the mint date to be on 7/7/2022. I highly encourage everyone to check our Discord , Twitter and our Website to get the latest news and updates about the project.