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Bad Baby Dinos Expounding on the Versatility of Non-Fungible Token Projects

Bad Baby Dino NFT collection hopes to help children-based charity organizations as part of its roadmap.
Bad Baby Dinos

The evolution that the non-fungible tokens world keeps seeing by the day is astounding. While they have given artists and creators an avenue to express themselves untethered, creators keep finding new ways to make their collections stand out from existing ones. And by the day, these collections keep coming out with new features. Bad Baby Dinos is a new project showing NFT creators that they can do things differently from the norm. The collection steps into the NFT world with four different characters instead of the typical and common single-character collections that many NFTs are known to have.

With the four different characters that Bad Baby Dinos offer, the collection offers more unique configurations and, ultimately, more value. Each character of the NFT represents a “family,” and under that family are numerous pieces, each with distinct traits to make them stand out.

Describing the collection, one of the creators said, "Bad Baby Dino art is fun, friendly, and unique—just like every member of our community! We have a total of 4 characters, each with over 200 custom traits to distinguish them from one another uniquely. In addition, we have created accessories like different skins, hats, glasses, clothing, and more to make each piece unique. Each one of these fun pieces of digital art creates its own unique personality."

Bad Baby Dino NFT collection hopes to help children-based charity organizations as part of its roadmap.

Bad Baby Dino NFT collection hopes to help children-based charity organizations as part of its roadmap. The creators have also expressed optimism about the rapid growth of NFT across different age groups and how it indicates exciting times ahead for Bad Baby Dinos.

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Bad Baby Dinos NFT collection aims to bring people from different parts of the world into an utterly no-judgment space where they can be anything they want to be. The creators intend to foster a sense of communal giving in the digital space, focusing on sharing, caring, and growing together.

Bad Baby Dinos' strongest suit lies in its utilities, which are quite unique and bring a breath of fresh air to the NFT space. The collection's proprietary Dino Snack Jar is a reward program that rewards holders with Ethereum received from 50% of the NFT's aftermarket commission for engaging in the community. Each holder is also eligible to get "Snacks” from the Dino Snack Jar when they complete simple community and project-related tasks.

"The more you hold, the more snacks you get. And if you hold a family (one of each character), there is even more incentive," one of the creators promised.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

To further live out its full potential, Bad Baby Dinos NFT has acquired a large plot of land in the Sandbox Game Metaverse with plans to create its own metaverse called "The Land After Time,” with the help of the development team at The Land Vault. The metaverse, once fully developed, will be a place for everyone to come together in a virtual world to hang out, play games, have fun and attend events like concerts. An NFT game is also in the works to deliver a Play-To-Earn concept to the cryptocurrency world, and it will be exclusive to Bad Baby Dinos holders. Everything is being kept within the community, and right now is a good time to be a part of it.

Learn more about Bad Baby Dinos on the official website, Twitter page, Instagram and Discord Channel.