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Ambitious people always strive for growth and success. If ambition drives you, you’ll struggle to live a fulfilling life until you’ve satisfied your thirst for success. When it comes to a profession like acting, it’s no different. The question of how to ace acting and become a stalwart has motivated numerous actors. Is there a formula on how to find success as an actor? What is it that sets some prominent personalities apart from the rest of us? When asked about the secret ingredient, Turkish Actor and Director, Bahadır Ünlü, he shared, that it is indeed perseverance.

Bahadır Ünlü

The 38-year-old, who also happens to be a stuntman, would push himself beyond the boundaries when preparing for his roles by refusing to give up when things got challenging for him. He believes this essential characteristic is what earned him an excellent reputation amongst the fraternity and fans. Bahadir explained, “I have been through a lot of hurdles early in my career. There were times I felt like quitting. You need to break through and come out a winner. Be persistent, persevere, and tenacious. In the end, it’s well worth it.”

Through films like Aquarium, Şefkat Tepe, Paramparça, and Muhteşem Yüzyıl, among many others, he cemented his place as a leading actor.

Bahadir started his career in 2003 and grew from the small screen to the silver screen. Through films like Aquarium, Şefkat Tepe, Paramparça, and Muhteşem Yüzyıl, among many others, he cemented his place as a leading actor. Ünlü says its nothing but a combination of hard work, talent, and perseverance that helped him build a stellar career in the Turkish, German, and English film industry. In Ünlü’s opinion, success never walked up to him; in fact, there were setbacks and hindrances that he viewed as opportunities for growth and development. He shares, this approach proved useful in creating many chances to reconsider his next steps, thereby leading to better and bigger things than he imagined.

Besides being an actor, Ünlü is also a leading social influencer. He can often be noticed posting positive stories of people who’ve risen to success due to steadfastness and perseverance in their pursuit. “The way no one else can be held accountable for your failure, nobody else deserves to be held responsible for your success either. When you attain success through perseverance, it acts as a reminder that you are in complete control of your goals. So, get up every morning and design your destiny – don’t wait for someone to hand it over to you,” shared Ünlü.

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With multiple TV commercials and films lined up to be shot and released in the coming year, it’ll be interesting to see the lengths to which Ünlü’s career blooms in the international entertainment industry.