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Bahareh Salehnia

In connection with the characteristics of a professional photographer

According to her, this requires more than a good camera and interest in taking beautiful photos so that you can succeed professionally in this artistic technical field.

Whether you want to work independently for newspapers, magazines, portrait studios, or as an independent photographer, there are several characteristics you should strive to get as soon as possible:

Ambitious nature

Like many other artistic professions, photography is a highly competitive field.

If you want to become an outstanding photographer, you have to be ambitious to achieve the bests with your efforts.


The ability to focus on small details just like large images is the main part of a good photographer.

This means capturing the smallest details when necessary and knowing when to remove them from the picture because they add nothing to the image.


If you want to become an outstanding photographer, you have to be ambitious to achieve the bests with your efforts.

If you do not have enough coordination with your eyes and hand or have hand tremors, you ought to do as many exercises as possible to help to improve these skills.


This feature should be evident. Either you have it, or you don’t, if you feel that your artistic skills are somewhat imperfect, you can also use practicing packages.

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Juridical knowledge

This quality may not be as obvious. However, photographers need to get familiar with special rules, particularly copyright laws and agreements.

Initiative for marketing

You don’t have to be reckless and expect opportunities to be poured toward you. You need to make your name known to others and have a professional look at your position so that people know what you can do.

Connection tricks

Yes, you need to make a connection with and talk to others to succeed in the photography market, no matter what level of the career you pursue.

Vision for business

The first and most important thing is that photography is a profession, so it is essential to have business skills to manage your improvement and make decisions that are beneficial to you.

Being popular

You need to have skills to make yourself popular so that you can succeed in competitive and artistic fields such as photography. Being honored in this profession makes you more distinguishable.

Technical skills

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Photography is about using the best equipment, tools, and software and knowing how to use them properly.

I experienced each of these characteristics and with effort, I was able to turn them into my skills. I hope you succeed as well.