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Barion McQueen

It’s no secret that every business, both big and small, suffered quite a bit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses were forced to put people out on the street and even more suffered severe cutbacks. With that in mind, it’s surprising when you see any entrepreneur achieve success during these difficult times yet achieve success Barion McQueen did. Already an accomplished entrepreneur and personal branding expert, McQueen decided to try his hand at real estate photography as his digital marketing agency was heavily affected by the pandemic. Having much success helping small businesses in the past, a lot of his clients were not able to afford marketing services in the midst of the pandemic. This greatly affected his company The Brand Castle. So rather than give up, he had to pivot and adjust his game plan.

Ever the businessman, McQueen caught on early, and bet successfully on this desire for high quality photography in the real estate industry.

As it happened, real estate has been one of the few markets that saw a real boom during our recent global troubles, as did the adjacent real estate photography industry. Ever the businessman, McQueen caught on early, and bet successfully on this desire for high quality photography in the real estate industry. Naturally, with people being less able to visit interesting properties, they had to rely more on a digital view, which brought photography and videography into the spotlight.

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Enter Barion McQueen’s latest business, Real Estate Captured, which deals with properties in the South Florida region. Although a fairly young business, Real Estate Captured has already been named “Best Real Estate Photography Company in Miami Beach” by The company has also been raking in the cash, and rapidly became a 6-figure company in a very short amount of time since its initial launch. Real Estate Captured handles both residential and commercial properties and offers a very in-depth and varied approach to each new project it takes on. They put out consistently good images and videos of the highest quality, offering a gorgeous view of each and every property, from all possible angles. What’s more, Real Estate Captured also takes a bold step in the field of aerial real estate photography, literally offering a bird’s eye view of your next home. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to understand the company’s roaring success.

Of course, real estate photography isn’t just about taking great pictures. It’s about so much more - angles, lighting, and ultimately, showing the prospective buyer why they’d like to live or work in this new property. But as a seasoned entrepreneur and business owner, not to mention a family man, Barion McQueen has a thorough understanding of all these positions. He knows exactly what he’d like to see in a prospective home or office, and he applies that vision and dedication to Real Estate Captured’s projects. Even better, for many years now, McQueen has headed one of the leading marketing businesses in the Florida area, The Brand Castle.

As an experienced marketing expert, McQueen is also familiar with taking the right approach to sell a product, or in this case, a property. It’s perhaps because of his experience, or at the very least, his unique business view, that McQueen’s Real Estate Captured has been so successful. It goes to show that even in the midst of a devastating pandemic, a visionary can succeed in creating a new, flourishing business… in any field! 

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