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Barnyard Fashionistas

Talk about unlimited possibilities and levels of versatility; non-fungible tokens have proved that one thing can be applied across a vast board and make a landmark impact. Barnyard Fashionistas NFT collection is proving that fact with its introduction and focus on fashion and breathing life into that world through art.

Barnyard Fashionistas makes its grandstand as a first-of-its-kind collection that covers the iconic looks of fashion through the decades. This collection attempts to implement a fundamentally different approach to the type and style of traits included in non-fungible tokens. The woman-created and woman-directed art sets itself apart by offering a groundbreaking contract that allows people to reserve an NFT and mint whenever gas is low. This is a primarily novel approach that makes the whole process of minting an NFT even more cost-effective.

Barnyard Fashionistas collection has over 600 traits three times the norm while also introducing a unique perspective that combines fashion experience with NFT design. One remarkable thing about the Barnyard Fashionistas collection is how the creator has worked at Pixar and Sony on Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and the Oscar-nominated “Hollow Man.” The NFT’s design features chickens depressed in colorful and impeccable fashionable outfits, which the creator says it's an attempt to bring iconic fashion to the fore.

Barnyard Fashionistas collection has over 600 traits three times the norm while also introducing a unique perspective that combines fashion experience with NFT design.

At its core, Barnyard Fashionistas NFT is a groundbreaking subcollection randomization that creates multiple collections within a single set. The creator aims to capture traditional NFT collectors, women NFT collectors to get more women into the space, and fashion enthusiasts who are interested in NFTs.

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Beyond all the distinctiveness that Barnyard Fashionistas NFT prides itself on, its roadmap promises massive prizes and gifts, including giving away a Mutant Ape Yacht Club at 100% of minting.

Behind this revolutionary NFT collection is Bree Allen and Josh Reiss. Reiss has received praise for his groundbreaking character supervision work on Universal Studios’ Spider-Man theme park ride, modeling on Monsters Inc., character modeling on The Incredibles and character setup lead work on Hollow Man at Pixar and Sony Imageworks. Bree, on the other hand, is behind all things fashion of the collection. Her work has been featured in photos in Rolling Stone, Village Voice Media, and more.

“I wanted to create this collection to celebrate people’s self-expression through fashion. I’ve always loved seeing the different ways people express themselves through their clothing. Fashion can tell the world a little bit about who you are without even talking to each other. I tried to create little characters of people I know or have observed. I hope when people look at this collection, they can find a Chicken that represents them or someone they know. This collection celebrates many different fashion styles and the people that wear them,” Bree Allen said.

Barnyard Fashionistas NFT is an inclusive collection for men, women, and non-binary people. The goal is to create a relatable collection and a community where everyone can feel welcome. “If you love fashion and chickens, there’s a place for you in our community. Fashion is for everyone, and that’s why I love using chickens for this collection instead of humans. Using an animal instead of a human takes away any preconceived feelings about humanity,” Bree said.

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In the roadmap, different milestones have been set for the users to participate in, such as the chicken coop opening up at 12% and the merch store launching at 24%. At 48%, ten iPad Pro with Apple Pencil devices are up for grabs, and at 60%, a charity supporting the care and recovery of farm-raised animals will receive $40,000. Up until 100%, holders potentially stand a chance to win rewards, Bree Allen and Josh Reiss express their excitement with all the rewards that are to come for the community. The collection will launch on December 2.

Learn more about Barnyard Fashionistas NFT on the collection’s website. Also, follow the Twitter, Instagram and Discord pages for updates.