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Bart Owens is a world-wide recognized industry expert and founder of the Neches Group, LLC. He has more than 35 years of experience in the vast realms of transportation, logistics, energy and governmental relations. Over these years, Bart Owens has actively engaged himself in coordinating and bringing together numerous industry entities so as to ensure the timely completion of long-term projects. Additionally, he is passionate towards climate protection and has taken concrete steps in that direction.


Hailing from Southeast Texas, Bart Owens finished his elementary, high school and university education in the cities of Port Arthur and Beaumont in Texas. He worked for Transit Mix Concrete & Materials at the age of 15 and that became his first ever exposure to large-scale industry. In 1982, Owned also joined the United States Army Reserves as a combat medic and served for a total of six years. In 1988, he attended the Regional Police Academy at Lamar Institute of Technology. This laid the foundation of public service in Bart's life.

Bart Owens' Neches Group, LLC is involved in the management of logistics and data of global projects related to construction and development. The firm also assists industries in improving and smoothening their public relations concerning Government affairs.

As someone who is dedicated towards the cause of climate protection, Bart Owens founded the Neches Carbon Solutions, LLC in 2021. It facilitates numerous industries in effectively responding to climate change, understanding climate protection goals and thereby lowering their adverse impact on the environment. Owens' firm is also involved in developing cO2 sequestration in and around Southeast Texas.

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As an industry expert, Bart Owens is an equity partner in GT Omniport, a multimodal development project with onsite terminal services and real estate development opportunities. He is also the founder of Iron Horse Terminals which is a facility that promotes streamlining processes that ensure strategic growth opportunities.

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These two projects are just examples of Bart Owens’ expertise in developing, building and operating large entities tied to energy and commodities and production. Bart Owens is a changemaker who continues to passionately assist global projects that debottleneck the flow of commodities.