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Battle of Mars: An NFT PvP Game with 3D Martians

Allowing players to challenge others outside their factions brings more excitement to the Battle of Mars.
Battle of Mars

From the creators of 3D Martians, a collection of 10,000 high-quality NFTs designed by an anonymous Pixar-nominated designer, comes the first NFT PvP game in the digital space–Battle of Mars. Humanity’s quest to conquer Mars has always caused a lot of buzz worldwide, and the creators of 3D Martians have finally brought Mars closer through its interactive virtual game.

3D Martians is a highly-successful collection of NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The contract that governs ownership is a standard ERC-721. 3D Martians are available for 0.08 ETH each, and owners are given access to an exclusive asset pack containing full 3D models of their characters.

To enter Battle of Mars, players need to secure at least one 3D Martian NFT, which serves as their direct invitation and access to the PVP game. The tokens are currently available for minting. In addition, each 3D Martian NFT belongs to a specific cryptocurrency faction which will allow players to challenge others outside their networks. There are currently 40 factions representing the most prominent cryptocurrencies traded across the crypto space, with over 250 Martians in each faction.

Allowing players to challenge others outside their factions brings more excitement to the Battle of Mars.

Allowing players to challenge others outside their factions brings more excitement to the Battle of Mars. As the mechanics go, when one 3D Martian holder challenges another and the other holder accepts, the NFT owner whose cryptocurrency grows in value over the next 24 hours will come out victorious. Furthermore, the winner will directly receive the NFT of the defeated as a prize, allowing winners to grow their NFT portfolio.

Battle of Mars will take place in a virtually developed Martian environment where owners will be able to move around with their 3D Martian NFTs, interact with other players, and challenge them in battle.

The excitement for Battle of Mars has been brewing since the release of the 3D Martians over two months ago, and the anticipation continues today. While there have been various play-to-earn games launched before in the crypto ecosystem, Battle of Mars is the first game where players will be able to directly take their opponent’s NFT.

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Furthermore, 3D Martian will also be buying back five golden Martians randomly minted for a floor space of 10 ETH each. Consequently, owners of the golden Martians will have the freedom to either sell their tokens or keep them for themselves. The golden Martians adds even more intrigue to the mechanics of Battle of Mars as the five rare tokens cost significantly more than other NFTs in circulation.

Once the game gets enough traction in the digital space, the creators of 3D Martians will be releasing more NFTs available to mint. The collection will gain a batch of 3,000 additional NFTs in February 2022 and another 4,000 in April 2022.

In addition, 3D Martian owners will be able to enjoy and receive discounts on coveted merchandise, including hoodies, mugs, and caps for their Martians. The founders will also provide holders with a 3D printed copy of their NFTs for them to keep in real life.

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Battle of Mars will launch on December 12, 2021. Learn more about 3D Martians on their website.

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