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New NFT Collection Battle Zombies Merges Mobile Games and Digital Assets

Battle Zombies

In recent years, the non-fungible token movement has taken over the traditional cryptocurrency trend, opening a massive window of opportunity for crypto enthusiasts who want to showcase their art and stay relevant in the digital age. One of the latest NFT collectibles making its way to the top of the trend is Battle Zombies, a sleek and stylized piece of art created for mobile gamers interested in military and zombie-style content.

Battle Zombies is an NFT blockchain project pushing the envelope of digital art and the mobile gaming ecosystem with a 2D & 3D unique digital storyline. The Battle Zombies offers a 3D digital game with both play to win (P2W) and play to earn (P2E) features by focusing on unique patterns and texture. These stylized features provide real-time incentives for users to win prizes in NFTs and cryptocurrency tokens.

"We're the first-ever NFT project to host a real-life NFT hunt in London! This is not just any odd hunt; with this event, we aim to increase public awareness on NFTs and Web3, which remain in their infancy as far as the public eye is concerned. Further, we're adamant on bridging the gap between digital and tangible art all while enriching culture," the creators of the project shared.

Battle Zombies is an NFT blockchain project pushing the envelope of digital art and the mobile gaming ecosystem with a 2D & 3D unique digital storyline.

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To participate in the NFT hunt, players will be required to spend a specific amount in-store with independent art businesses Battle Zombies has partnered with before they can claim their free NFT with a unique QR code that will be scanned. Anyone can participate in the hunt, be it a person who randomly stumbles on the NFT art in public or a more savvy community member with a set map that will provide clues on where the NFTs are roughly located. At the end of the hunt, 500 lucky members will receive a free limited edition NFT comic strip that visually represents the unique limited 3D NFTs of prominent figures in the crypto space.

In a bid to support the community, the team behind the innovative NFT will donate $50,000 to veterans and host a paintballing event where members of the NFT community can battle it out in real-time. "As far as Game-Fi is concerned, we aim to develop a play-to-earn user economy built around our unique assets on the Solana blockchain. We strongly believe P2E gaming is the genesis of the future of gaming, and we're passionate about providing utility in this space," the creators shared.

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In addition to the Beta version of the digital game released, a fully-fledged game will soon be under development. The team will reinvest the funds raised from the mint into developing the new game to quickly ensure optimum quality. Finally, the creators will also release a unique cryptocurrency token used in digital games. With Battle Zombies, it is no doubt that the world of digital assets and mobile have finally aligned, bringing new excitement for all lovers of mobile games and cryptocurrency.

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