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Bali is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. It is a beautiful island city with welcoming weather all year round. In Bali, you can have the intimacy you need for your honeymoon and have the time of your lives as tourists.

Haider Ali

Being a popular honeymoon destination, Bali has numerous hotels that attract honeymooners. Bali Ayana Resort is a leading five star honeymoon hotel. Here you will enjoy your honeymoon in luxury, comfort and privacy.

This resort also ensures that you get to engage in numerous activities that will make your honeymoon enjoyable and memorable.

This is what you will experience when you honeymoon at the Ayana Bali Resort.

Intimacy and exclusivity

The Ayana hotel honeymoon Bali experience is full of intimacy and exclusivity. The resort is built to ensure that its villas provide the utmost privacy for couples on honeymoon. The resort offers private villas located on a beautiful cliff-edge that come fully equipped with a private plunge pool.

In this villas, you will have a magnificent view of the sprawling Indian Ocean below you and the white sandy beaches. In addition, the hotel provides you with a 24 hour butler service to maximize the time you have as a couple before you go back to the hustle and bustle of life.

Spa treatments

To encourage more people to go to Bali for their honeymoon, the hotel is running a promotion that will see more people honeymoon in Bali. As part of this promotion, honeymooners get to enjoy spa treatments in the award winning world class Ayana spas.

The spa treatments offer a relaxing Balinese massage and a unique sea water spa treatment exclusively for the honeymooners.

In addition, the hotel will offer you the opportunity to participate in an intimate sunrise yoga session for two.

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Private beach

As part of the exclusivity, the hotel also offers a private beach swim for the honeymooners. You can enjoy a walk in the pristine white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean in Bali. You can also get to snorkel and swim in the clear and clean waters of the ocean.

In addition, you will get to enjoy the unique pink beaches that can be seen in parts of the Bali Island

Enjoy intimate sunsets

The Ayana Resort is home to one of the most unique restaurant settings. The Rock, one of the many restaurants in this resort is a unique restaurant set on a rock rising high from the Indian Ocean.

In this world renowned restaurant, honeymooners have a reserved table from which they can enjoy the lovely Bali sunset as it lights the sky orange and reflects off the sprawling ocean in the horizon. It is a sight to behold and one that may be a highlight of the honeymoon.

Besides the restaurant, the private villa availed for the honeymoon also offers spectacular views of the ocean and the Bali sunsets.

Enjoy a yacht ride

The Ayana hotel also offers a two night yacht ride on their uniquely designed yacht. Designed for eighteen people, nine couples, the yacht ride will be a memorable experience of your honeymoon. The yacht is manned by hotel employees who are highly professional.

During these three days you will get to experience the wonders of Bali. You can if you like, visit the Komodo Dragons park where you will see the largest reptile on earth, the Komodo. It is only found in this part of the world.


The Ayana also offers some extra activities and amenities to honeymooners. For instance, honeymooners have unrestricted access to the hotel’s 18-hole golf course and tennis court. They can also enjoy breakfast in bed courtesy of the hotel and have a flower bath prepared on their arrival.

In addition, the hotel ensures that the villas are serviced with WIFI and that the honeymooners have hotel provided transport to and from the airport. Also, the hotel will set a romantic dinner table in the honeymooner’s villa for their meals.

Haider Ali