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The Universe’s newest NFT project, NFa, is set to revolutionize the NFT space through the introduction of game-changing utility.

NFa is an NFT project that embodies the concept of WAGMI. With a team mentality and desire to see more open and honest communication in the NFT community, the creators of NFa hope to bring life-changing opportunities to NFT enthusiasts of all financial means.

NFa is one of the world’s first competition-focused NFT collections. Starting this spring, NFT collectors will be able to mint NFa pills. The goal - to collect as many as possible in order to earn $WAGMI utility tokens.

Each week the top 800 NFa pill holders will be rewarded with the project’s local utility token, $WAGMI. With an unlimited supply of pills, the list of top whales will change continuously. As a result, NFa holders can expect a wild and competitive ride! To help every community member participate, additional opportunities to win and earn utility tokens will also be introduced.

True utility is awarded to community members through the NFa Experience Store. Here, $WAGMI token can be exchanged for unique goods, services and experiences. NFa holders can look forward to exclusive access to industry-related events, the ability to purchase other NFT projects at reduced pricing using $WAGMI tokens (e.g. [1] Prime, Azuki, BAYC), and more. In the spirit of WAGMI, the NFa team hopes to bring together the NFT community by working with other developers to offer unprecedented rewards and real-world utility. NFa NFT holders can expect to see the Experience Store up and running in Q2 2022.

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This revolutionary utility-based project is set to launch in April 2022. A pre-sale will also be announced, in hopes of minimizing barriers of entry for new collectors. Those awarded admission to the pre-sale will gain early access to discounted NFa pills - a recipe for success under the project’s unique structure.

Stay up-to-date with the latest from the NFa team and don’t miss the chance to change your life forever.

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