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Another shooting incident in a school – this time Santa Fe, Texas was the unfortunate target. This mishap left at least ten dead including teachers and students while ten injuries were reported as well by the media news. Investigators, relatives and family members of deceased were trying to question why and how it happened, but like always there were no satisfying answers.

Becoming a Killer

For instance ask yourself these questions: Why it’s happening again and again in the United States of America? Why mostly the schools and educational institutions are the targets? Does this mass killing wherever it occurs, make any sense?

When the Texas Police department is asked why they couldn’t take necessary actions to stop this incident while they were trained for this during the recent years, they replied because it wasn’t the ordinary mass shooting incident.

When the Texas Police department is asked why they couldn’t take necessary actions to stop this incident while they were trained for this during the recent years, they replied because it wasn’t the ordinary mass shooting incident. They further explained that whenever such incident happens, they can see some warning signs, and hence they take anticipatory actions. But this time there wasn’t any such sign, so that was almost blind about the happening of the incident till it happened.

Another confusion was created by the parents of the 17 years old suspect. They said the shooter couldn’t be their son because what media described doesn’t match the description of their son. The confusion got another strong support when the best friend of the accused boy told the media that his friend can’t ever do this because he was the most sensible and responsible person he ever met in his life. He further said the media that his friend never used any drug and he was always brilliant in the academic record as well.

Whoever was that boy and whatever type of nature he had, the police, the investigators and the institutes are still unable to find out the reason behind this mass shooting.

Well, the investigator may not identify the reason, but an expert Lawyer at Sacramento Criminal Attorney could guess the reason behind this mass shooting. He claims that he can tell why next killer will kill like this and what can be his motives behind this mass shooting.

Many years ago when Sacramento Criminal Attorney started its services, they tried to figure it out why a killer kills. They study various cases of homicide happened in the country. Being a reasonable person you could guess and suggest hundreds of reasons and motives behind every such act but actually – what we figured out – there are only three reasons behind every such killing or mass shooting.

You will find all three reasons in every such act in whichever part of the world such incident may happen. At least one of these three motives you will see in every criminal law whether it’s a shooting crime, theft or just a burglary.

Every man on the earth gets crazy at some point in time about Wealth, Power and Lust. Everyman on this planet is doing various acts – good or bad – and every action might have one of these motives. You may start disagreeing instantly, but in next few lines, you are going to agree to the point of view.

Some of you may start thinking why he didn’t mention about jealousy. Others may start asking about anger or any such other reason. Well stop for a while and think again. Why you usually get jealous? Why you get angry? Ask these questions yourself and then answer them. Don’t you find the answer in one of these motives mentioned before?

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You might have heard about the notorious gang MS-13. Do you remember their slogan or tagline? It was “Kill, Steal, Rape, and Control.” Can you find all three motives here? Yes, stealing is always for financial gain, i.e., wealth. Rape is for sexual lust and Control is apparently to get into power to control the system and politics.

Now let’s relates this with the latest mass shooting in the Texas School. Here you won’t see any financial or wealth related motive, but you will find the other two here in this event.

The 17 years old accused was pursuing a 16 years old girl since last few weeks. Shana was a cute, good-looking girl, and Shana’s parents reported that the boy was coming after her daily and their daughter kept refusing him. Finally, the accused boy told her father that he would one day kill his daughter. Now you can see that Shana – the 16 years old girl – was amongst one of the victims. So from this, you can say that there was sexual or relational lust behind this mass shooting.

Now coming to the second motive, i.e., power and control, apparently, we don’t see any such motive behind this shooting, but if you read further, we will explain you about that in just next few lines. Media reported that the boy was pursuing the girl for the last couple of weeks. The girl Shana kept refusing, but he didn’t stop. So, one day the girl embarrassed him in the class, and he was bullied a lot by other fellows. He felt he doesn’t have the power to stop this all and he doesn’t have any control over the people bullying him for a girl. Well isn’t it about the second motive, i.e., power and control?

His best friends reported that his behavior became a bit strange after that. He made some purchases from the Amazon Store, and there were knives. Trench coat became the part of his outfit after the incident. He wanted to take revenge from everyone including the girl who embarrassed him or bullied him in public. The anger and the revenge were there because he lost his fame and respect. Fame and respect are always about power and control.

And if you go a little deeper in an investigation about the incident, you will be told some shocking fact which will ultimately support my argument. Students said the Sacramento Criminal Attorney and the investigators that the killer spared some of the students while he was killing and firing abruptly. He wanted his story to be told to the people so that they may know why he did that and hence he may regain some respect, fear, and power among the people who bullied him and made fun of him because he liked Shana.

Now you might be agreeing to my point that every criminal act has one or all three motives and that’s a fact. Unfortunately, you can’t eliminate these motives from the world so you can expect more shootings and more mass killing events in future. You can’t stop them, but you can reduce them because man’s behavior and urge can’t be fulfilled when it comes to wealth, lust and power.

Does that mean we should stop doing anything to prevent such incidents? Should we keep waiting for another mass shooting in the town? Now that can’t be the solution instead that seems ridiculous. What we can do as a nation is to give our children a proper education. We should teach our nation and the kids the proper use and abuse of wealth. We must tell them about the purity of love and relations. We must make them understand that the world is not a place to fulfill your desires, but it’s a place where you should put other’s wishes and needs ahead of us, and same will return to us.

Our media has started showing the picture of a society that we can’t afford to be. We have to reconsider our strategies and policies. We are preparing our kids to welcome aliens from another world, but we forgot to teach them how to live with the creature on this planet. Knives and forks are in every house, but we know they are better used in the kitchen. Similarly, if we have guns at home, we must tell the nation the best use of it. If we can’t do that, we must ban guns in the United States of America.

It’s an alarming report that during the recent years in the United States of America, more Americans were killed by the Americans than all the terrorist attacks combined. We must sit and consider where we are heading to. The surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, the Police, the justice – these are not the cure because these are the instruments to deal with the crime when it has happened. We have to stop such incidents from happening, and that’s possible only with the proper education. Let’s hope we may not see any such tragic event again, but that’s just a shallow hope or a fantasy to live in if we do nothing to stop this from the roots.

Jennifer Carson

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