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Ben Todar

MoonNation, along with its innovative gaming bridge, is sending waves all around the crypto space. The main man and the brains behind this venture is none other than Ben Todar, who is the CEO of Moon Nation Game, the best and the most giant space-based, role-playing game created on a Binance Smart Chain with Moon Nation Game (MNG) as its native token, is a successful entrepreneur. Today Ben is known for his successful venture and his skills of entrepreneurship. But, the story of Ben isn't always what it seems. Today he is the father of two children, Isaac and Jacob. He is not just successful in his professional life but also overcame every hurdle of his personal life.

Entrepreneur Ben, as everyone knows him today, started his journey like most of the masses. He was a bright student back at school and was keen to pursue entrepreneurship and business from a young age. His ethical thinking and decision-making ability gave him a cut above other students. After completing his primary and secondary schooling, he pursued higher education in economics, business, management, political science, and marketing. His thinking out of the box put him two steps ahead of others. His rigorous hard work, sacrifice, and learning bore fruits when he received a degree in International Marketing from the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

To fulfil his dreams of entrepreneurship, he soon opened a restaurant in 2016 to test himself and his hard-earned knowledge over the years in the real world.

But unlike most graduates, he didn't stop to pursue or look for any other jobs. His idea was unique, and he had the confidence to follow his passion. To fulfil his dreams of entrepreneurship, he soon opened a restaurant in 2016 to test himself and his hard-earned knowledge over the years in the real world. He successfully pulled crowds to his restaurant, thanks to his marketing knowledge, and made it a booming success. He once again proved himself when he won the best takeaway in the UK award. A massive hit for Ben and a push to continue on his entrepreneurship journey.

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After some years, he and his ambitious team of professionals, including Kain Howarth, the Marketing Manager and Advertising Head, Jay, the Director of Technology, Zyral Lozada, the professional Graphic Designer, and Joseph Roman, the Community Manager, launched the MoonNation. Together with the CEO, the team is a close-knit group with passion and experienced people in cryptocurrency, marketing, gaming, technology, and cybersecurity. They were the first company to develop such an innovative yet fun idea to bridge the gap between crypto and games, referred to as “Moon Nation Bridge ''


Ben's ability to read the markets, charts, and their movements made his new venture so successful that it eventually came up among the list of popular crypto. He soon left his opponents and competitors far behind him. His good nature and behaviour won the trust of his team and customers alike. Ben then decided to fully doxx himself at the earliest stages of the project, lending credibility to the token launch and giving interested investors the confidence they needed to join the movement. He knows how to keep himself grounded and is once again not stopping here. He is all set to achieve a much higher goal and see himself on the list of top successful entrepreneurs globally. Twitter:

Tiqua Jackson

Interesting Reading for Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur Ben, as he’s generally known, started his journey to entrepreneurship like most of the masses. He was keen to pursue business from a young age. Using a unique strategy he managed to pull crowds to his business. Entrepreneurs can read more about registered agents here.