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Cooking is a fun activity. There are many ways to get creative or experimental. The joy of creating a scrumptious dish is inexplicable. Truly, nothing can beat the unadulterated pleasure of cooking.

No. Wait. There is one thing superior to cooking. That's right. Cooking outdoors!

Cooking outdoors can lead you to a thoroughly satisfying experience, so much better than cooking inside the kitchen.

Cooking outdoors can lead you to a thoroughly satisfying experience, so much better than cooking inside the kitchen. Still not convinced? Let's help you get a better view of the advantages of cooking and dining outside.

Food odor

When you cook indoors, you have to bear the stench of meat or fish. While you are cooking you may not realize this to be much of a concern. But the lingering odor is sure to be a bit bothersome when you are at the dining table or worse yet when you step in the kitchen the next morning.

Cooking outdoors will ensure that there are no unpleasant aromas inside your home.

More space for cooking and dining

Sometimes when you are cooking an elaborate spread, the kitchen space available in your home may prove to be insufficient. And with invitees pouring in, the dining and cooking area at disposal could soon become over-crowded and stuffy.

Outdoor kitchens have the advantage of turning your backyard garden into a full-swing kitchen and dining area, ready to host a huge party of guests. This leaves ample space for the guests to hang around and socialize.

Smoke from grilling

How about the idea of grilling indoors? The chimney cannot efficiently clear out the amount of smoke from grilling. You are sure to carry the smell of smoke in your hair and clothes.

Now imagine you are grilling fish in an outdoor kitchen. The odor and smoke will dissipate quickly enough. And only the pleasant savory smell of the cooked fish will prevail.

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Energy efficient

Cooking indoors involves the use of electric appliances and a stove. Besides you need to run the air conditioning at full power to keep the heat under control.

Overall, these little energy expenses add up significantly. On the other hand, outdoor grills and smokers are much cheaper and efficient. If you cook outdoors you can save some money on the utility bills for sure.


Cooking indoors on hot summer days can be an extremely draining job. The heat can absolutely spoil the mood of the cook. Despite the exhaust doing its job, by the time you get the steak on the table, you might be sweating like you ran a marathon.

There are only two options to beat the heat while managing dinner. Have a cold sandwich, or grill some delicious burgers or hotdogs outside. What would you choose?

Family activity

Cooking outdoors can be a fun-filled and engaging family activity. Your kids will love to take responsibility for small chores. Even if your man never helped in the kitchen before, the idea of barbequed bacon on a live grill is sure to be exciting.

The pets would love to be out in the open too. After finishing the meal, you could all play somefun backyard games. Yes, that's the picture of a happy sunny family Sunday!

Relaxing and fresh

Even if it's not for a party, eating and cooking outdoors gives a very relaxing feel with the natural setting all around you. It's a nice break from the monotony.

It's a rejuvenating experience. It's the supreme pleasure of enjoying the aroma of fresh home-cooked meal blended with the sweet fragrance of flowers in your backyard.

Health benefits

Grilling opens a door of possibilities for tons of healthy flavorful recipes. It is one of the healthiest cooking styles because it allows excess fat and grease from the meat to drip off. This means your meat will be lean and clean of any excess calories. Set the table with fresh juice, salads and veggies for side dishes, and you are sorted for a hearty healthy meal.