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Benigna Parfums

Benigna Parfums is one of today's most famous luxury fragrances on the market. Many love Benigna Parfums because of the fantastic selection of scents provided, from rich and heavy blends that consist of Bulgarian Rose to much lighter mixes of Neroli Essence.

The list extends for miles with how exquisite each scent is and what it contains, but many have taken notice and are increasingly beginning to admire a lot more about how eco-friendly the brand is.

Benigna Perfumes marches in the right direction towards leaving less of a carbon footprint, one step at a time. While maintaining the brand's elegance and what it represents, it was evident that it didn't need to sacrifice anything to keep the look and feel of the product and what it conveys.

Benigna Parfums

The innovative and eco-conscious approach of the brand dictated that the timeless bottles should be refillable, thereby allowing customers to make these stunning creations a personal keepsake to be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed on. The cardboard and wooden boxes used by the brand come from trees that are fully certified by the World Land Trust and the FSC. The eco-friendly theme of the brand is just one part of Benigna's captivating story.

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CEO Benigna has a massive passion for luxury and high fashion. Still, those particular passions would have never seen the day of light without having a deep understanding of her first passion growing up; the planet and what it holds means more to Benigna than anything. Carrying out this very mission to make the world a better place is something Benigna still strives for every day she wakes up.

Stepping up to the plate and taking part in the preservation of Earth will always be at the forefront for Benigna Parfums. To learn more about Benigna Parfums and its eco-friendliness, be sure to check out @benignaparfums on Instagram. And to shop more, be sure to click on the website link to discover Benigna's collection of beautiful scents at

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