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What Is Boligan Foundation?

Boligan foundation came about during the time Covid-19 had the world in lockdown. It was an attempt by Berto Boligan to support and provide tech related resources for unprivileged people of third world countries. The foundation aims to provide them with awareness regarding current tech trends.

How did it begin?

Berto had to struggle to where he is now. He was born to a single mother who worked day and night to support them and seeing this Berto knew he had to change things around. Now, that he has reached his dreams and moves forward he believed that it was his turn to return to the world and by helping people in third world countries with technology and how to create careers from it is one way to do it according to him.

What was the purpose of Boligan Foundation?

The purpose behind his foundation is to maximize the use of technology by providing those who are still unable to make use of it. He wants people to make a living with the use of technology. As many people in certain areas are still unaware of the recent trends of this digital era, he aims to highlight them and educate people in this field.

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Another purpose of this foundation is to focus on the growing field of Esports and as there are many skilled people in Asia, but they are unaware of how to join this field internationally, it can be of benefit for them. The foundation organizes bootcamps for trainings and awareness.

What other projects Berto is working on?

The founder of Boligan foundation also has many software companies and one of which is in the process of building an application that can help people with their mortgage issues in a friendly DIY manner. The earning of the business is used to fund the foundation and keep it going since the Covid-19 pandemic.

What keeps him motivated to work for the cause?

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The goal to bring his dream lifestyle come to life has kept him going. He wants to provide for his single mother and support her like she did for him. He follows a proper routine and the first thing he does after waking up is watch motivational videos which kept him going. He believes youngsters who aim to change the world should not listen to what others have to say instead should believe in themselves and keep going.