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Are you under siege for an offense! Yes, it can be very frustrating when you are accused of a criminal case, people may start to look at you differently even your family. But you don’t have to worry any more, because the best criminal lawyers are in town. You can now rest assured that your case is being handled with care by a certified professional who is specialized in the area of criminal offenses. There are a lot of demands and paperwork that is connected to any criminal case, some expectations that a client is not required to talk until you get a lawyer is just one of the many requirements that a client needs to put interact. Therefore, you don’t have to suffer at the expense of unprofessional representation, you can now get the best criminal lawyers who will make sure that you get the best out of your case.

Best Criminal Lawyer

Duties of a Criminal Lawyer in Any Criminal Case

When you are considering to hire the best criminal defense attorney. it’s important to ensure you best understand the lawyer’s roles and responsibilities so that you can keep a track of the work and its progress. A criminal defense lawyer plays a major role in ensuring that the client wins the case.

Assessing the Case: the best criminal lawyer must always assess to the end, the lawyer should analyze all the aspects of the case that client is involved in. No matter the case, the client may be at fault but it is the duty of the criminal lawyer to ensure that the client is represented well at the court. Therefore, the attorney must ensure that the case is handled carefully, should also ensure that great technics are put in place to tackle the case.

Great in Collecting Information: if there is something of great value that a criminal lawyer should ensure that they put into first consideration it is the collection much information as possible about the case which will be very helpful in the court. The criminal lawyer is expected to visit the scene of the crime for collecting information and proof which can favor the clients’ interests in the case. If there are any valuable individual who can intensively contribute to the case the lawyer should ensure that the relevant information is added to the case, the attorney must talk to them and important information recorded.

Ensure that the Clients are up to date with the case files: A Criminal Attorney should make sure to always visit court several times in order to get relevant information about the case in general. This should be done immediately without any delay. One thing that the attorney must never forget to do is keeping their clients updated on the progress of the case.

Careful Analysis about the Case Involved: one of the important parts of a criminal case is the ability of the lawyer to investigate and do a thorough analysis about the case and making that the situation judged carefully. The attorney is responsible for recognizing or identifying the opportunities for the client to win the case in the prosecution’s case and figuring out smart strategies to make sure that the client who is being presented is announced free at the end of the case.

Be at Ease in Stressful Situations: A good criminal lawyer should be able to perform well under pressure and in stressful situations especially in the courtroom where anything is expected. The attorney should be able to have flexible hours where you be able to manage the high demands of the case, even abrupt meetings are the attorney’s responsibilities.

Have general Knowledge about Criminal cases: A criminal lawyer must have a massive knowledge about the laws and how the client can be protected without compromising the whole case in general. The attorney must have the necessary knowledge about individual’s rights and must ensure to always avoid prosecution of their clients.

Cases that Can Be Presented by a Criminal Defense Attorney

Assault and Battery: The most heard cases of violence in many states especially in California are of assault and battery. If you have any case involving battery or assault. Do not suffer alone because it is very important that you understand the law that you are eligible for a criminal lawyer to protect your rights and secure your future. Do not risk even your reputation risk of jail and a permanent criminal record requires your full attention and ensuring that you are safe.

In addition, you don’t have to be the victim of assault or battery it can either be your relative or someone very close to you the charges still apply. In different scenarios, assault and battery charges will apply if the act was in school, parks or hospital. This is because there are many different laws that initiate different types of charges on the specific injury of the victim, the crime can be either a misdemeanor or a felony.

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When you are charged with battery or assault there is away two sides of the story. That of the police and your side. In this type of case, it requires a strong investigation and analysis of the facts of the alleged victim, knowledge of the law and proper understanding of the criminal justice system.

Domestic Violence: it is normal to experience misunderstanding and arguments when in a relationship but it doesn’t have to be so violent between the couples if you are experiencing violence at home heated arguments at some point, someone will start to feel physically threatened and they will call the police. If the police arrive at the scene, their main agenda is to resolve the situation. For those that are constantly summoned in court for cases involving domestic violence, they are at risk o being jailed if they are not represented well.

A good criminal lawyer should understand that domestic violence is always related to the emotions of the people involved, therefore, they are emotionally charged. You will always find the alleged victim stressed from the time of arrest until the prosecution of the case is completed, the victim will always be emotionally attached. The thing is that the victims of domestic violence are always confused about what is happening and about what to do about the case. They are always pressured by others and their relatives to either let go of the case or make it go faster. The victim is not entitled to legal advice, much unlike the defendant.

Fraud: Take it from me it is very eminent that welfare fraud can involve any individual working for the government or NGO. If you received welfare benefits that you are not entitled to receive that is against the law, for those working in the government you may take advantage of the opportunity that you are in authority and misuse the government resources for personal gain.

Fraud is unlawful and the person involved is considered a criminal as it involves deception. It is just another form of theft, Unlike other forms of theft. However, fraud involves tricking a party into willingly giving something they won’t admit giving if they knew the truth.

The elements of all welfare fraud involving

  • Providing a false statement or failing to report important information to get welfare benefits from an individual or government resources
  • Resulting in getting welfare benefits which you are not legally entitled to receive.
  • Blocking a person to receive them.

Sexual Crimes: Sexual crimes involve having sex with a person who has not given you their consent about their relationship with you sexually, this may involve statutory rape which is the act of having sexual intercourse with a person who is considered under the age of 18. Statutory rape is definitely a criminal offense regardless of whether the two of you agreed to sex or even if the minor initiated the whole process. These laws are put into practice to ensure that a minor doesn’t get pregnant and is protected from all the consequences involved. statutory rape only covers sexual contact between a grown up and a minor who is not supposed to be having sex, but other forms of sexual abuse (such as oral copulation and sodomy) are covered under separate statutes. If a person is found guilty of statutory rape they are definitely entitled to civil penalties that can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Sexual Intercourse with minors

A minor is a person under the age of 18. Every person that hasn’t passed this age limit is still considered minors for the purpose of this law. An individual is not expected to have sex with minors because it is against the States law.

Sexual intercourse with non-spouse

In addition, it is legal to have sex with one who is considered your spouse, regardless of the age of 18. In California, if a person is under the age of 18 and wants to get married they must get parental permission and a court order before proceeding further. This can be achieved with the help of a good lawyer.

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