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It does not matter if you are still at school, in college, or are already finishing your education — there might be plenty of reasons why you cannot cope with particular assignments that you get from teachers and professors. You might be tired from the tasks that you have already done, feel under the weather, or have no time to devote to an assignment. This is when homework help websites come to the rescue.

If you google your request related to platforms that help with home assignments, you will undeniably be displayed plentiful options. However, keep in mind that not every platform offers the level of service vividly described on their bright landing pages. To help you with making the right choice, we have collected a list of the top five services with the highest ratings in the industry and prepared this review on the best homework help websites. Find out the most essential details about the leading platforms in the industry, select one, and stop worrying about that assignment you cannot cope with. If you entrust the task to a pro, you will be able to focus on what is more essential for you.


The first of the homework help websites we would like to review is a true industry leader. The platform has joined more than 400 writers who are actively working on various assignments and papers in more than 80 disciplines. So, we are almost sure that you will find an author who will be able to cope with your homework on the Rapid Essay website.

A really useful feature is a built-in online calculator that allows you to quickly find out the approximate cost of the assignment you need help with. For this, you just need to fill in a short form by providing the type of the task (paper), academic level, the number of pages, as well as the deadline. The last criterion is really crucial, and it considerably influences the price that you will have to pay for your assignment. So, do not wait for too long. If you have hesitations about a particular task, select a service and place an order, otherwise, you will have to pay more.

Rapid Essay is one of the professional homework help websites, and it offers plenty of benefits to its clients. Let us dwell on them in more detail:

l Flexible deadlines: It happens really often that students need assistance with an assignment they have forgotten, which means that they are really pressed for time. Rapid Essay can provide a ready assignment in four hours. Hopefully, you have a bit more time to ensure a more pocket-friendly rate for your homework.

l Content is written from scratch: Do not worry about a template-like assignment that your teacher will recognize. Every writer of the service has a unique style in the first place. Additionally, if you have your own ideas, be sure to provide the author with them, as well as other materials from your classes, which are always welcome. In this case, your teacher will be checking an assignment really done by a student who has been listening to the classes.

l Free revisions and edits: Rapid Essay is one of the homework helping websites that will not leave its clients halfway. If you have received a paper and something is not to your liking, you can ask the writer to make edits, and the homework will be revised for free.

l Only unique assignments are submitted: Before the clients of Rapid Essay receive their assignments done, they are checked by special plag-detecting software. So, rest assured that all the content is unique, and you will have no complications with your teacher because of plagiarism.

l The confidentiality of clients is one of the priorities of Rapid Essay: This is strictly stipulated in the policy of the service, so have no worries that anyone will ever find out that you have used someone else’s assistance while working on your homework.

The only disadvantage of Rapid Essay we have come across while investigating this platform is that the cost of the task to be fulfilled in four hours is a bit hefty. However, there is no way to avoid paying more for an urgent task.


The next service we would like to review is one of the young homework help websites that have gained their reputation in just a few years of activity on the market. For students, it is a bit tricky to select a platform to entrust homework to, especially if this is a newly established company. However, the level of service and their eagerness to become leaders in the industry have helped HQ Essay to become one of the top five platforms that we can recommend. Here are the main advantages of entrusting your assignments to this service:

l A convenient calculator is available on the homepage so students can find out the minimum price for their assignments in a few seconds spent on the site. It is no secret that the absence of money or a really limited budget are the most common reasons why students are not ordering assistance when they need it. With HQ Essay, it is not a matter of concern since the rates are affordable, and the price policy is transparent — you are informed about the price immediately on the homepage.

l HQ Essay can help with really urgent tasks, even if you have only a few hours — the shortest possible deadline is four hours. Of course, it is best of all not to delay ordering help with homework for that long. However, if you have forgotten about a task, HQ Essay will come to the rescue.

l Some writers are specialized and experienced in almost 80 disciplines. So, you can almost definitely find the subject with which you need help. More so, the range of assignments HQ Essay can help with is also wide — from essays and term papers to dissertations and research papers. Even if you think that your task is too complicated, check out your subject and type of assignment on the platform — there is a high probability that you are going to find help there.

l Anonymity and privacy protection are paramount for HQ Essay. And this refers not only to the fact that the platform undertakes not to disclose any details but also to the way the papers are prepared. Every assignment is written from scratch and checked by plag-detecting software, which means that a teacher will never suspect that a student has ordered an assignment or copied it from elsewhere.

l Money-back guarantee is a way for HQ Essay to ensure its clients that the level of service is high enough and that the company is going to fulfill its obligations. Otherwise, clients can request a refund.

Among the pitfalls of HQ Essay, the only thing we find crucial to mention is that there are subjects that are attributed to the category of socially responsible disciplines, and the service will not accept such orders. However, this is how responsible homework help websites should work — yes, there are assignments that students cannot get help with.


Searching for homework help websites, you might have come across Writing Help. This platform was established in 2008, which makes it one of the most experienced services in the niche of writing assignment assistance.

Just like in the previous case, the website contains a convenient online calculator that allows students to know the estimated cost of their homework. Of course, if their subject is too complicated or a task is really difficult, the price might change, however, the initial estimation is usually close to the final cost, therefore, no unpleasant surprises are expected.

The advantages of Writing Help among other homework help websites are:

l The clients of the service, before effecting payment, can request samples of the writing works of a particular writer. In this way, they can evaluate the expected writing style and the quality of the homework they will get.

l The title page and bibliography are not included in the calculation of the task cost, which means these are free features.

l The service offers free revisions, which is a standard in the industry, however, we cannot omit to mention this.

l Upon request, clients can order charts and presentations to be prepared in terms of preparing homework for them.

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l Prices vary depending on the due date, subject, academic level, and the volume of the assignment. The cost calculated for a task must be really fair.

l The service can help clients with a wide range of assignments since there are even dissertations in the range of works that the writers can cope with. Therefore, regardless of the complexity of your homework — do not hesitate to submit a request to the Writing Help service.

l The money-back guarantee protects the clients against the low quality of work, as well as motivates writers to do their best in the process of working on homework for clients.

l The authors working at Writing Help have at least a Master’s Degree or even a Ph.D. More so, they have an extensive experience in academic writing. You might be wondering why will so qualified graduates work for such platforms other than looking for jobs in their niches? The fact that they are working on home assignments for other students does not mean that they do not pursue their own career goals and have no success there.

l Professional customer support is accessible 24/7 through various channels of communication. Live chat is the most convenient and fastest way to get a response during late hours and weekends.

l Of course, all the papers and assignments are prepared exclusively based on the requirements provided by students. So, there should be no worries about getting a template work that will resemble the work of another student. Teachers will have no suspicion that the tasks are done not by their students.

As a socially responsible organization, the Writing Help platform will not accept assignments in a range of socially important disciplines, like aviation, (civil) engineering, medicine, etc.


Bid4papers is not just one of the homework help websites out there, it is a unique platform where authors and students can get in touch with each other and work together to achieve the common goal — submit an assignment that a teacher will highly rate. And every side of this cooperation gets what they want — a writer is paid, and a client gets homework done and a high grade. Here are the main benefits for which Bid4papers has become one of the well-known services to resort to when there is a problem with home assignments:

l Clients do not pay writers in advance: This is how they are protected against irresponsible executors, meanwhile, this approach also motivates authors to submit their works on time. The payment is effected only after the client accepts the task.

l Customers can chat with writers, which means that there is no intermediary between them. The necessary information will be provided to the writer asap, therefore, you will not lose any precious time if you have received updated requirements from the teacher or have forgotten to specify something important while making an order.

l The process of writer selection is based on the auction approach: The client describes the task, volume, and due date, while the interested writers bid mentioning their rates for the specified task. Depending on the expectations of the clients, they select executors for their assignments.

l Customers can request free previews to get an idea of what the final assignment will look like. Probably, there will be some comments or edits, and the writer will be able to introduce the changes at the initial stage, not when the whole task is completed.

l The platform has a built-in plagiarism checker. So, clients can check the uniqueness of papers and/or assignments on their own.

l Bid4papers has a system of internal rewards, and during selecting a writer, clients notice those who work fastest of all or those who have completed the highest number of orders. This is a useful feature for clients to make a choice, meanwhile, it is a good motivation for writers.

Bid4papers has already served more than 14 thousand students during its activity since 2014. While the number of orders is, of course, way higher — a lot of clients come back and make orders again and again due to the convenience and reliability of the service.

Compared to other platforms, Bid4papers seems to offer not such a wide range of disciplines. However, the service is actively expanding the base of professional writers. So, even if you have not found a subject of interest on the website, it is worth sending a request — there might be a writer with the necessary qualifications.


Finally, on the list of homework help websites, we would like to mention CopyCrafter. This service specializes in both non-tech and tech subjects. So, it is highly likely that any task you find challenging can be fulfilled by the writers from CopyCrafter. The number of disciplines is around 70. Here are the main advantages of using the services of this platform:

l The anonymity of clients and the protection of their confidential information are paramount for this platform. It is not only stipulated in the company policy but also confirmed by the cooperation of CopyCrafter with cybersecurity specialists who have made all it takes to protect every user on this platform.

l The service can work with tasks of any complexity and with any set of requirements. After all, even dissertations are on the list of rendered services. So, do not hesitate to entrust your home assignment.

l Free edits and revisions are promised on the site of CopyCrafter and this promise is fulfilled.

l Particular attention is paid to the process of choosing authors who work in this company. The platform specialists verify the education, qualification, and experience of every author. More so, they are checking the level of English to make sure that the tasks will be immaculately executed.

l Only unique content is provided. And just like the leading websites that do your homework, CopyCrafter will check every assignment and paper before submitting it to the client.

l The formatting will meet the provided set of requirements. Besides, if students have additional materials from their lectures and classes, they are really welcome to provide them to writers to ensure that the teacher will notice that the relevant materials are used while working on the home assignment.

The rate of undergraduate papers and tasks seems a bit higher than all over the industry, however, one should always keep in mind that the quality of the final result is determined by the amount paid.


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Education is really complicated, and the requirements are becoming more stringent. However, you are not alone — there are plenty of decent and reliable homework help websites that might help you out. Just make sure that you do not make the wrong choice. Select one of the proven services we have reviewed, and you can focus on another task or have a rest. Sometimes, delegating homework is the best decision you can make.