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Your choice of username on Instagram has great potential in terms of deciding how many followers you can get. Sounds a bit crazy, doesn't it? Well, to make things clearer, know that your Instagram username is the first thing that a user comes across as they are introduced to your profile. The profile picture, bio, and content come much later. In fact, a lot of times, it is just the username that does all the talking. Therefore, having a good one is crucial, particularly if you wish to have more followers on the Instagram. To find out more about what a good Instagram username is, how you can create it and what it will be the impact of it, continue reading this guide! Answers to all your questions will be addressed below. So, let's get started!

First, what is an Instagram username?

Before we get into the details of what a good username looks like, let's clear our fundamentals and understand what an Instagram username means in the first place.

In the simplest words, an Instagram username is nothing but your name on the platform, i.e., Instagram. It could be your real name or perhaps anything else that describes you as a person or your content. Your username is basically the name that your Instagram community will identify you with. It is pretty much your Instagram identity. And to make it big on Instagram, your social identity and, likewise, your Instagram username should be not only memorable but also easy to remember.

That being said, let's dig deeper!

So, why is a good Instagram username so important?

As mentioned previously, your name should be memorable on Instagram. With so many Instagram users already existing on the platform, along with so many more joining every single day, standing out and becoming memorable is a must if you wish to make a name for yourself in the Instagram world. And for that, you need to have an attractive username, of course, followed by an excellent bio and high-quality, user-generated content. But it all starts with the username because that is what will get people to your profile.

What does a good username comprise?

Some of the best Instagram username ideas for girls are those that suggest exactly the type of content they would be creating. While just your name or even your full name, for that matter, can be great, it is still quite a common practice. There is nothing new and practically no creativity involved. However, a username that suggests your overall content can potentially cause people to check your profile and hit the follow button. For example, if your name is Ralph and you create content majorly around fashion, then maybe a username like '@ralph_' may not get as much attention as something like '@stylewithralph' would.

Technically, the best Instagram usernames keep changing based on the region. For example, if XYZ is one of the best Instagram names to get followers for a girl in India, it may so happen that the same username may just not work in the USA. Besides, these names may also change as per the year. Just as nobody likes to have an outdated name, you wouldn't want to have an outdated Instagram username as well. Therefore, you would always find lists like Instagram username ideas 2021 or Instagram username ideas 2022. Therefore, it is best to stay relevant to the current times and pick usernames that will not lose their essence anytime soon. Now let's look at some more similar ideas to find a good username.

Here are some amazing Instagram username ideas for girls:

Stick to your niche

As mentioned previously, your username should communicate what kind of content you generally post. If not directly, then at least subtly, it should give a hint of the niche that you are sticking to in terms of your Instagram content. However, know that this is not necessary. Many big names on Instagram have kept going with their real names and have got the results they desired. But, teasing the audience with the kind of content you are passionate about through your username can give you an upper edge.

Avoid having too many numbers

A lot of people garnish their Instagram usernames with numbers that may or may not be related to them. Now, to be reasonable, these numbers are usually added because without the digits, the username may be taken by someone else. However, too many numbers can make it difficult for your viewers to remember your username or even to connect with you. It will make the username unnecessarily lengthy and make it seem quite unnatural. Therefore, it is best to avoid numbers as far as possible.

Keep it simple

Like the above-mentioned point about numerical, a lot of people also tend to incorporate a bunch of elements like dots and underscores. And just like digits, these can be distracting, too, keeping the viewer's attention from the actual name. This will again diminish the element of memorability from your Instagram username. It will make the username difficult to read and understand as well. Therefore, it is strongly advised to keep the username as friendly and user-friendly as possible, ensuring that it is not too complex to be read.

Now that you have a couple of tips and ideas in your bag let's tackle an important question that always comes up with choosing a good Instagram username.

What should you do when your desired Instagram username is already taken?

It never feels good to know that you can't have something you really want, and this is no exceptional case. When picking an Instagram username, in most cases, the one that you want is taken, particularly if you have a common name and you wish to go by it. So, what can you do in such a situation? Let's find out!

Well, if you are adamant about keeping the same username that is already taken, what you can do is add an extra element. Now, we already mentioned how too many unnecessary elements like underscore, a dot, and a numerical could make the username distracting; make sure you add them sensibly such that the username does not look too overwhelming. Just one addition which could be either an underscore, a dot, or a single numerical, should do the job.

Now let's cut to the chase.

Here are some of the best Instagram names to get followers for a girl:

Insta Girl: @instagirl

True Living: @trueliving

Queen Sparkling: @queensparkling

Place Queen: @placequeen

Sunshine Gyspy: @sunshinegypsy

More Light: @morelight

Girl Like a Pearl: @girllikeapearl

Far Fetch: @farfetch

Sunflower Baby: @sunflowerbaby

Pink Heart: @pinkheart

Instagram Lover: @instagramlover

Gram Girl: @gramgirl

Girly Girl: @girlygirl

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Mrs. Princess: @mrsprincess

Angel Snowflakes: @angelsnowflakes

One Of A Kind: @oneofakind

Lil Cutie: @lilcutie

Triple Adorable: @tripleadorable

I Dream Of Unicorns: @idreamofunicorns

Everywhere Insta: @everywhereinsta

Heart Saying: @heartsaying

Well, the list of names is never-ending. However, the above-mentioned names are some of the top Instagram usernames for girls based on demographics and other considerations. Let's now look at the potential impact that having a good username on Instagram can create.

Here's what will happen when you have a good Instagram username:

Your profile will attract more users

As we have mentioned previously in this piece, your Instagram username is the first thing that a user comes across when your profile is displayed. Of course, the display picture is also there. However, it is the username that identifies your personality on Instagram. So, naturally, having a unique and impressive Instagram username will eventually help you attract more people to the platform, and they will be more likely to discover your profile and view your content.

Visitors are nothing but potential followers

If your aim is to increase your Instagram followers, then you should first be looking at having more visitors, well, visit your profile. You see, it is the profile visitors that will eventually turn into your actual followers, provided they find you interesting enough to hit the follow button. Therefore, having many fresh Instagram visitors is a must to have more followers. And for that, you need a solid Instagram username that does the job of inviting people over to your profile.

More followers!

Once your username guides Instagram users to your profile, and they end up becoming the visitors, they will soon hit the follow button, and your follower count will go up. And what will happen when you get more followers? Well, we all know that by now! Your reach on Instagram will expand, the algorithm will push your content to the explore page, brands will start noticing you and may approach you for paid collaborations, and of course, you will stand a chance to build your very own Instagram community.

As you may have already figured, the benefits of having more followers are many. And the start of this journey is quite simple- have an attractive Instagram username.

So, which are the other ways of increasing followers on Instagram?

The good, old, organic way

Increasing followers through the organic way is by posting high-quality content consistently and by making use of different Instagram tools like hashtags, promotional posts, paid ads, etc. While the organic way is quite trusted and most individuals and brands swear by it, know that it comes with several challenges as well. To begin with, increasing followers organically is quite a time-intensive process. You will have to put effort for a long time, and even after that, the results are not promised. Therefore, many Instagram users are now shifting to the other, newer way of increasing followers.

Buy Instagram followers!

Yes, you read that right. You can buy Instagram followers and increase your follower count instantly. All you need to do is find a trusted third-party service provider, select the package you find most useful, make the payment transaction, and enjoy the growth! That's how simple it is to increase your followers on Instagram. The reason most people are now adopting this new way of growing your social presence on Instagram is the fact that it is a full-proof, guaranteed way of increasing the follower count in just a day or two.

Now, this brings us to another important question.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, it is safe to buy Instagram followers if you buy them from a reputable service provider that has been in the industry for quite a while. Buying Instagram followers is not an illegal activity as there are no laws around this entire process. We'd suggest you buy real and active Instagram followers, which are a tad bit more expensive but will also give you better results, and these would be people who'd interact and engage with your posts. This would also make it nearly impossible for the algorithm to detect that the followers are purchased. Similarly, you can buy Instagram likes and views as well to boost your engagement instantly.


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In a nutshell, Instagram is a place full of opportunities. However, it all depends on how you choose to tap into these opportunities to achieve maximum results. Your username plays a key role in determining the traffic on your profile and, eventually, your growth in terms of the follower count and overall engagement. Therefore, having a highly impressive Instagram username is advised so that you can reach your Instagram follower targets very soon. We hope this guide helps you find a good Instagram username and skyrocket your follower count like never before!