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Los Angeles is a city famous for its Pubs and Bars. There is nothing better than Instagram for looking up drool-worthy photos for your eyes. Instagram has an endless supply of photos of your choice. When you want to search for some great photos on Los Angeles pubs and bars and the cocktails and drinks they serve, you might not always find the best results. In addition, it is rumored that the topmost pubs in LA, search for the best place to buy Instagram followers to boost their enagagement on Insta and become more popular.

So, here are the best Los Angeles Pubs to follow on Instagram whose content will make your day and get you all excited.

  1. Perch (perchlosangeles)

Perch is a Bohemian Bistro & Bar which is located high above DTLA. It has beautiful views from the bar. It serves a lot of delicious cocktails and posts regularly on Instagram as well. Perch is a rooftop bar, so it has a 360-degree view of Downtown Los Angeles. It has glamorous decor, fire pits, and abundant outdoor seating. It has a wide collection of enticing cocktails and French-inspired dishes. It is a perfect spot to spend good times with your friends and loved ones. It has over 34 thousand followers on Instagram and comes under one of the most followed pubs on Instagram.

  1. Resident DTLA (residentdtla)

Resident DTLA is a vibrant bar in DTLA’s Arts District. It has a beer garden and music venue. Ktchn DTLA is also present in the Resident Garden which is a food place that is open every day at noon and serves great dishes. It also has a separate Instagram page called @ktchndtla where you can see the cuisine available there. It has overhead lights, kickass neon, a striking bar, and a sun-kissed patio. Since it is also a concert venue, you can enjoy your weekend brunch with your friends here while there is a show going on every week or you can just go and enjoy the drinks. The settings are endless, and you will surely have a great time going there or just visiting its profile on Instagram. It has over 28 thousand followers on Instagram and it also comes under one of the most followed pubs on Instagram. A marketing expert suggested top ways to boost enangement on Insta organically, which is followed by many hotels and pubs.

  1. Gold Diggers (golddiggersla)

Gold Diggers is a bar, hotel and a recording studio in East Hollywood. In earlier times, scantily clad dancers used to be the drawing factor here. But these days, this place is a combination of bar, dance club and live music venue which makes it a very interesting place to visit. It has large sparkly pendant lights on the inside of the bar which is a highlight for many. The retro front sign is also worthy of a picture that you can use as a background for your Instagram post. It has over 15 thousand followers on Instagram and is quite active on the platform posting pictures and stories almost every day. It posts pictures related to the music industry and gives an update about who will be performing in the bar in the upcoming days. It also shares snapshots of the live shows which people on Instagram can see and enjoy.

  1. Skybar at Mondrian (skybarla)

Skybar at Mondrian is a cocktail bar in Los Angeles. It is a bar at the Mondrian Hotel with the best views in all of LA. If you want to see that perfect DTLA skyline or want it as a backdrop in your pictures, look no further because Skybar has it best. It has a pool inside of the bar. So, you can go here for poolside vibes, light snacks, and delightful drinks. The place is as good as it can be with the pool on one side and skyline view on the other side, this is not a place to miss. It also hosts workout and yoga sessions here every Saturday which is joined by a large number of people. It has over 13 thousand followers on Instagram and posts quite frequently with beautiful pictures. There are loads of pictures of people enjoying their day at the Skybar.

  1. Library Bar (librarybarla)

Library Bar is a classic cocktail lounge in the city of Los Angeles. It is named as the Library Bar because of its interior design. There are artfully designed bookshelves that every book lover will find as a dream. Non-book lovers also appreciate the beauty of the place. Here, the drinks are named after different authors. But don’t think this place is a lot different than all the other pubs in Los Angeles. People go there to enjoy their day there like at any other bar. On Sunday nights, everyone settles here into the comfy couches to watch different television shows. It has over 12 thousand followers on Instagram and posts very often with beautiful pictures of people going in and enjoying here peacefully.

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  1. Pearl’s Rooftop (pearlsrooftop)

Pearl’s Rooftop is a lounge in Los Angeles. It has a classic neon sign which marks the entrance of Pearl. It offers metropolitan views while making you feel that you are in a garden oasis. You can enjoy the grassy patio and the swing under the neon. It also ha a photo booth to give you a chance of clicking those social media-friendly pictures you want. It has both an indoor and outdoor bar so you can enjoy both the views as per your choice. It has over 6 thousand followers on Instagram and posts vibrant pictures of people going in and of the cuisine it serves. It will make your day when you look at the bright and colorful pictures it posts every day of the food and drinks it serves. Different events are regularly organized here as it is a perfect place if you want to host an event or shoot some pictures. Its posts will make your Instagram feed more attractive.

  1. Wolf & Crane Bar (wolfandcranebar)

Wolf & Crane Bar is a Little Tokyo’s neighborhood bar in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. It serves primarily Japanese whiskey and craft cocktails. It takes its name from the nearly three-thousand-year-old fables of Aesop but also gives it over to the rich history of the Japanese community living in The United States of America especially in Downtown Los Angeles. This is a must-visit for all the people out there who enjoy going out to pubs. No matter what your socials are, this will be a great place to visit. The ambiance, lighting, and the backdrop of the fine Japanese whiskey make for a great place to visit and for the Instagram pictures as well. It has over 4 thousand followers on Instagram and posts very often with pictures most often of the craft cocktails it serves. Every cocktail is unique in itself, hence the pictures are unique too. Following this account will be a great addition to your feed.

  1. Prank Bar (prankbar)

Prank Bar is the First Walk Up Bar in Down Town Los Angeles. It is a great place for foodies. It has a wide variety of food options. Brunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner all are available here along with Terpene Cocktails. It also has Vegetarian and Vegan options so you can visit this place no matter what your food preferences are. It has the best doggie patio and best happy hour in the whole DTLA. It always has live music so you can enjoy your food along with some great music. The bar beautifully blends the indoors with the city sidewalk. The design of the bar makes the walk-up bar seats highly desirable, even the bathrooms are striking to look at. It has a secret karaoke booth which you can use to get live on Instagram and post some stories singing your heart out. It has over 3 thousand followers on Instagram and posts a lot with pictures of the food and its ambiance which gives a soothing and peaceful vibe.

  1. 9. Bar Franca (barfrancadtla)

Bar Franca is in DTLA and is a cocktail bar. It serves a lot of different craft cocktails. It is a fun place to be at and to enjoy with friends having drinks. It is a new place and a small place that looks like a charming Euro neighborhood bar with a welcoming arched door leading into a cheerful space inside the bar. It has bright patterned wallpaper and sexy wall murals. The drinks menu here is much more sophisticated here than that of other wine and beer bars. It has over 3 thousand followers on Instagram and posts pictures of the food and its ambiance. BuyTrueFollowers, one of the recommended websites to buy real Insta followers has huge customer base in Hollywood and hospitality business. They have helped thousands of clients to achieve desired results on Instagram and other social media.

  1. Hey 19 Public House (hey19publichouse)

Hey 19 Public House is a south bay restaurant that features craft cocktails and classic American comfort food. It is named after a song named “Hey Nineteen” from the famous rock duo Steely Dan. Their fans or rock fans, in general, will enjoy their visit here. The wood-heavy décor here is a delightful background for golden-lit pictures. This place is renowned for its burgers and pours. It has over 1 thousand followers on Instagram and posts pictures of its food and cocktails along with some latest offers and deals. It also posts memes relatable to its place and pubs and bars in general.