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I know that finding a lawyer is not an easy task. But you need one to handle your legal case after a car accident. You need to make sure that the lawyer is best for the job to win your case. There are lots of lawyers out there having a professional website. But that does not mean they are qualified to handle your case. So, I asked Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer about how they recommend to search and hire a qualified lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Ask Your Friends and Family

The best way to find a lawyer is word of mouth. So, it is best to ask your friends and family to refer an attorney they had hired in the past. Many lawyers are advertising online and on TV. So, the best way is to talk with a person who you trust and had a positive experience. They will send you to a lawyer, they trust. You can also ask for a referral from a trusted professional such as a medical professional, accountant, etc. A person who had personal experience with lawyers is the best person to recommend an attorney.

Discuss Fee Before Signing

Before hiring anyone, you should ask about fees upfront. Your financial transactions should be transparent, so, get the fee agreement in writing.

Before hiring anyone, you should ask about fees upfront. Your financial transactions should be transparent, so, get the fee agreement in writing. Most of the personal injury attorneys work on contingency. Contingency means they will get their fee after winning the case and will take the third of the settlement plus expenses. Make sure to clarify each term especially, if the lawyer says no fee if no recovery.

You Can Search Online for an Attorney

You can search online to find an attorney. Go to google and search for different lawyers. Contact them and ask about their license and mention where the accident occurred. Every state has its bar association and an attorney to work in that state must be registered in their databases. You can also check their database status online.

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Never hire an attorney based on verdict numbers. Each case is different from another and the amount of compensation depends on the amount of damages. That is why; it is good to discuss your case with a lawyer before hiring.

Listen to Your Gut

You should hire a lawyer that cares about you as a victim. Otherwise, the attorneys mostly care about the case value rather than caring about the recovery of the client. A good attorney will always focus on the weak parts of the case to increase the strength of your case. You can trust your guts while hiring a lawyer. If your guts are not satisfied with him or her then talk to another lawyer.

Will They Handle It Personally?

It is really important to speak with the person who is going to handle your case. So, meet with an attorney personally to discuss your case rather than speaking with an assistant. If the attorney is not interested in speaking with you for five minutes, then how is he or she going to handle your case.

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