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Solitaire had been the best pastime game for many people around the world. Today, it has lots of variations like spider Solitaire, classic Solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike, and many more. Given below are the best four apps with Solitaire card games that can easily be downloaded via Google Play Market on any Android devices:

  • Solitaire Card Games Free by Card Games, Inc

This app contains a classic version of Solitaire called Klondike. It is one of the most loved, praised and performing Solitaire types till date. This game enables a vintage feeling while playing it as this is one of the first variants that became computerized.

What about interesting features of this app, it offers a simpler gaming process. This is because there are operations such as undo available as well as multiple hints to refer to when having no idea of the further moves.

  • Spider Solitaire by MobilityWare

This game is currently holding the topmost position in the list of the best Solitaire options so far. You can play via one, two, three, or even the four suits variety in this version in line with your level of preparedness. Moreover, this app is equipped with daily challenges that add some extra crunch to the process.

You can also try to make a customized background and change the print on the card backs. The availability of all these and other features makes this game a leader for free online solitaire! This one also has helpful features like hints, undo, rescue and many others, and those can be used unlimited times.

Here are the best four apps with Solitaire card games that can easily be downloaded via Google Play Market on any Android devices

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  • The Fairway Solitaire blast by Big Fish Games

This game is something different from the usual Spider Solitaire, classic Solitaire and FreeCell. If you are bored of playing them, this is the best option to try! All you need to do is to clear the board by slipping a card, either lower or higher. Well, it only sounds quite simple, challenges await you for sure! Also, the new feature of the Fairway Solitaire online is that it has about 700 levels and offers bonus cards to make the game more exciting.

  • FreeCell Solitaire by Solitaire Card Games

This game is the most fanatic Solitaire type which teases your brain quite often while playing. It features step by step tutorials as well to enable you to acquaint yourself with some basic rules. It also has a wide variety of challenges that maintain the crunch of the game.

The best feature of this app is that it has several bonus cards and a wild card to ease your levels out and acts as an aid to play Solitaire at more challenging stages. In addition, you need not fear the loss of your achievements as they get automatically saved at every point.

  • Solitaire Masters App by Monster Brain Studios Limited

This application offers you to play the classic Solitaire game which has been modified for your convenience. Apart from Classic Solitaire you can play Vegas Solitaire, Play with Friends and participate in Live Tournaments. Simple rules and colorful graphics will make this process captivating and lively. To add more, you can be involved in playing mini games while making breaks in playing tournaments, for instance. Being available for free, you can download this app and try it out right now.

The Final Word

Solitaire games are amazing and worth your time. Try different apps like those presented above or popular Solitaire Masters to try your hand in this challenging activity. Download the most suitable option easily or even play online using browser for web-versions. Gain scores, improve strategies, and you’ll enjoy such form of spending spare time!