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In 1990, the mountain bike industry witnessed a major boom, which led to the increasing popularity of road biking in the early months of 2000s. Legends like Lance Armstrong have played a major role in popularizing the sport, but its actual participants were usually restricted to some of the most athletically enthusiastic.

Bicycle Industry

Today, are highly popular, and it is quite difficult to recall a time, when we do not find bikes present in films, fashion ads to different shots on Instagram. As per the League of American Bicyclists (between the years 2001 and 2009), the total trips made by bicycles had doubled and reached a total of four billion. These days, bicycle is not just a tool for various sports, but it is now the reason for the latest lifestyle trend.

Increasing Urbanization:

Today, more and more people are returning to urban centers and modern transportation is strained. In case of city dwellers, bikes are convenient and cheap and are a good way to navigate through the busy streets. In places where public transportation infrastructure is not available, bikes can help in filling the gap.

In case of city dwellers, bikes are convenient and cheap and are a good way to navigate through the busy streets.

Biking Is Quite Accessible:

Bikes are now easily accessible – these might be hotel bike rentals, bike shares and even online bike sales. No matter where you choose to travel or live, folding electric mountain bikes are now easily available. People are now looking forward to incorporate bikes in their lifestyle. This might be for commuting to work or for dropping kids to school.

In the last decade, bikes are now increasingly appearing in photo shoots of lifestyle brands and fashion designers. Companies like >Chanel, >Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade have used bicycles in their branding. The fashion industry has benefited a lot from the bike trends. It has also helped in increasing public consciousness. Today, bikes are an important accessory. There is an increasing desire to personalize baskets, helmets and other types of bikes accessories which have driven the trend.

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People Are Wellness Conscious:

Americans are now developing a ‘wellness ethic’. This is applicable in case of bicycles as well. Bikes are not just a way to stay fit, but they are also an enjoyable way to remain physically active. Bikes help people in exploring and in increasing familiarity with various communities, which is otherwise not possible when using other public transportation. Bikes also help in gaining time as there is no need to depend on public transportation.

bike industry was dominated by big brands. These usually focused on sports. From the year 2005, smaller brands too started creating bikes which appealed the masses.

Lifestyle bikes are suitable for daily use. They are designed in a way, so that they can be used by all consumers to ride.

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