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Bingo isn’t like any of the other mainstream, in-house forms of gambling. The gaming is still luck-based, with money staked and money potentially won, but there’s an embracing and sociable side which you don’t see on the casino floor or at the bookies. This is most likely helped by the game not being considered gambling under federal law since 2011, opening bingo up to everyone as an entertainment medium.


The game of numbered balls has long-donned this aura of community and fun in groups, carrying its persona from the halls to the game’s newest meeting place.

The game of numbered balls has long-donned this aura of community and fun in groups, carrying its persona from the halls to the game’s newest meeting place.

A friendly atmosphere and luck-based competition

Quite uniquely, bingo manages to combine competitive gambling with a communal atmosphere. A night at the bingo means that you’ll enjoy conversation, some drinks, snacks, and some simple but exciting gaming. As the game is driven by luck and is played at relatively small and fixed stakes, few begrudge any of the winners and often celebrate with them when they claim a prize.

At the many bingo halls dotted around California, plenty of which are close to Los Angeles, people would be able to make playing bingo a part of their social life. The social side of the game is what has made it such a long-standing pastime, with people coming as much for trying to win as they do for spending time with their friends in a social setting.

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Over in the UK, where they opt more often for a 90-ball game over the US 75-ball standard, bingo almost died out not long ago. However, by emphasizing the social side in a new, more youthful context, bingo has been able to make a comeback in the country. Even now, bingo is still bringing people together across the world, just in a new way.

Still accommodating sociable gaming

While it made its name in halls and bars across the country, bringing together friends and family in person, bingo has moved with the times to increase its accessibility greatly. During the times when land-based bingo halls are closed, online bingo is at the ready to accommodate groups looking to enjoy some sociable gaming, as well as bring together those who are apart.

In the online space, there’s even more capacity for groups to get together in the massive online rooms to enjoy some bingo but from the comfort of their own homes. There are many, many different ways to play and enjoy online bingo, including jackpots, 90-ball, and 75-ball, which have all been infused in different rooms, like Dodgems, Age of the Gods Bingo, Deal or No Deal, Cash Cubes, and The Big Wheel.

With such a range of bingo rooms, you and your friends can find ones which better reflect your preferences, or, as new games are starting every couple of minutes, you could hop between rooms. Essentially, though, as the online bingo platform is so widely accessible through any device and offers a tremendous range of rooms at varying ticket prices, a social night out at the bingo can just as easily be turned into a social night in at the bingo.

The simple yet exciting gameplay, big prizes, low ticket prices, social features, and a huge offering of rooms has enabled online bingo to become a great way to enjoy the classic game from anywhere. Even when the hall doors are closed, bingo has the power to bring people together to have some fun.


Nicky Petersen