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Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Entertainment is top of the bill across California right now, with streaming platforms and online games being used en masse in Los Angeles. The City of Angels has always been trendy, embracing new technologies and experiences often before many other places in the United States.

Now, bingo has come back around in a big way, but how has this traditional game of numbered balls suddenly climbed in popularity, hitting the popularity charts?

The sheer range gives unanimous accessibility

Let’s face it; just about everyone in LA has access to the internet via at least one device, with mobiles, naturally, being the go-to choice. So, being an online platform, it’s effortless for people to access modern bingo. However, the tricky part for any entertainment platform is turning browsers into users – a problem that online bingo has solved.

Now you can go from playing bingo in the Deal or No Deal 75-ball jackpot bingo room to spinning on Fruity Burst or the Galactic Girls Jackpot.

When you go to play bingo, you’re met by waves of live rooms which show you exactly how many players are in, the type of game that it is, the ticket price, the prize, and the jackpot. Each room has a different theme, with the ever-moving schedule of rooms to play creating a colorful selection of bingo options. The sheer range of room options means that most people will quickly be able to find a game of interest.

Bingo has come a long way since its short stint as a national television show, National Bingo Night, with themed rooms being the most obvious evolution for the traditional game. However, to make the platform even more appealing, the brand infused other popular games found in the halls of old, slot games. So now, you can go from playing bingo in the Deal or No Deal 75-ball jackpot bingo room to spinning on Fruity Burst or the Galactic Girls Jackpot.

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Appealing to the modern audience

The California community is very tech-driven, thanks in no small part to the tech-centric brain pool known as Silicon Valley. However, utilizing everyday tech doesn’t necessarily mean having all smart appliances or the latest innovations in tech, with the social aspects and use of apps being significant drivers of the mobile industry. Across the state, the most frequently used apps are those of social media.

 Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Recognising this demand for communication with others and the desire to be in communities of people of similar interests, online bingo decided to infuse social aspects into its offering. This move includes bringing live chats into bingo rooms so that people can play and chat with friends within the same mobile section, making it more of a potential multiplayer experience as opposed to a solo round of the lottery game.

As found in the space of e-commerce, personalization is very important to modern online service users. They want real-time personalization and the ability to alter their experience to fit their preferences. The online bingo platform offers an ever-flowing stream of bingo rooms as well as hundreds of different slot games, so to help players get to the games that they want to play, each room and game tile features a small heart button, which can be pressed to add the best games to one’s favorites page.

With so many options, such easy access, and all of the features that modern online surfers expect, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that bingo is once again trending across Los Angeles.


Nicky Peterson