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Having failed in his love pursuit, Bismarck Ebiweh devoted his life is mentoring other men to take the right approach towards relationships. His famous book on dating sold more than 300 copies making him one of the youngest and most popular Afro-American life coaches in all of the US.

Though the “power of positive thinking” is a popular concept, yet most of the times the physical and mental benefits of positive thinking have often been underestimated. Several scientific studies demonstrate that a positive mindset can give you more confidence, improve your mood, and even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as hypertension, depression, and other stress-related disorders. Working on the lines to boosting confidence by developing a positive mindset no matter what is internationally acclaimed personality development coach, Bismarck Ebiweh.

Lessons from life

After being dejected in life for two consecutive times, Bismarck felt the need to help others cope-up with their inner challenges and save their relationships. Bismarck had been in love twice and both the times, he failed to succeed in his romantic pursuits. Since then, his introspection and self-analysis have led to the take charge of his life and mentor others who face similar situations. More often than not, Bismarck believes that it is a human’s constant tendency of living in fear of failure that is responsible for such severe damages. “I truly believe in empowering men to live a high-quality life. I want men to work and be the best version of themselves, so that they too can have more options with everything they do in their lives,” states Bismarck. Bismarck is a published author famous for his book “Cracking the dating code”.

In his book, Bismarck deep dives into the world of relationships that men often struggle to deal with. Taking cues from his life lessons, Bismarck underpins several personality development and self-improvement strategies that men can undertake to lead a more confident and successful life. Bismarck’s Youtube channel is also one of the hotspots of relationship advice. His Youtube channel garnered more than 50k subscribers in less than two years and has over 4 million total views. Such popularity showcases Bismarck’s expertise in the field of coaching and counseling men and helping them emerge stronger and deal with mess better. For those who would like to take life lessons from Bismarck, he can be found by the name of FITXFEARLESS in his Youtube channel.

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Positivity and Perseverance

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Bismarck is a staunch believer in surrounding oneself with positive thinkers, be it friends, family, co-workers, or mentors. He thinks that the influence of positive-minded people generally has a good impact on the mental health of the person who is undergoing any crisis or dilemma is life. Another important attribute that he draws his readers and audience’s attention to is the power of will power. Perseverance and determination to do something no matter what the odds are, goes a long way in actually achieving it.

Born in Laos, Nigeria, Bismarck moved to the US with his family when he was nine years old. He grew up to become an accomplished track and field runner and had several accolades under his belt, one is setting a record for the 400-meter run in his senior year in school. At present, he finds true meaning by devoting all his energies towards the personality development of fellow brothers and helping them realize the true worth of their characters.