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Björn Seiz

People are commonly found to be running behind only one single mission in life, while there are many others who believe in trying everything to ultimately achieve their destination and become a resounding success. Similar is the story of a youngster originally from Switzerland, he is Björn Seiz, a 29-year-old entrepreneur who believed he could achieve the success he desired and that's what he did. The story of Björn Seiz, known as O5O, is quite a fascinating one. He started his career as a young businessman back in the days when the term 'entrepreneur' was not popular. From the very beginning, he was inclined towards businesses.

At first, he began importing clothes and reselling them online. In the meantime, he began a banker's internship. He got on to create his first company after completing the training. Although his business was not very well known, what was known was that it collapsed and the company ended up with a debt of half a million dollars. He continued to search for excellence and to make a name for himself in the business field. After that, he got up to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies again, where he succeeded immensely. His company ended up with $4.3 billion in top market capitalization, which is very remarkable.

With a hustler and positive mentality, Björn Seiz had the composure to take calculated risks, which enabled him to establish as a true successful entrepreneur.

As we know recently, the Covid-19 pandemic had greatly affected the world as well as the business sector, but there are some businesses that have made the best use of this situation. According to Björn Seiz, the e-commerce, Cryptocurrnecy and online food distribution sectors are the businesses that have benefited the most from this pandemic.

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Björn Seiz lists in one of the best investment advisors of today's times and his investment tips and guidance are worth it's weight in gold.