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Now this is what you call BLAKK excellence! Blakk Smoke x Blakk Tatted are taking the world by storm. And well, it doesn’t look like that’s coming to an end any time soon. This Black owned, or should we say BLAKK Owned, hookah brand Blakk Smoke is mostly known for its NO NICOTINE and NO TOBACCO Top Quality products. If you know anything about Blakk Smoke then you know it’s really hard to get because they SELL-OUT really fast leaving so many fans and customers around the world feeling distraught when they can’t checkout in time. It has become such a popular trend on social media to be able to say you successfully filled up your cart with blakk smoke and was able to checkout before it was Snatched. Yes, it’s really THAT SERIOUS because the products are simply THAT GOOD.

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As if things with Blakk Smoke wasn't already going phenomenal, It’s C.E.O Blakk Tatted meant that he won’t stop creating products that the world just can’t resist. Blakk Decided to change the game by creating his very own HOOKAH PEN with NO NICOTINE and NO TOBACCO, as you may know this is VERY RARE that you can enjoy vaping or smoking without harmful chemicals such as nicotine & tobacco, and it’s definitely hard to avoid the side effects of headaches, coughing, and irritated throats due to nicotine and tobacco. So Blakk is changing the hookah game day by day. When the Blakk Smoke customers found out about Blakk’s new invention of these hookah pens, they went crazy, in the most supportive way. Of course, Selling these hookah pens out literally just in HOURS from its release day, mind you Blakk SURPRISED his customers with this release so there was NO PROMO and NO HYPE leading up to this drop, it was just Dropped and as always the Blakk Smoke customers and Blakk Tatted Supporters were READY. Blakk Released not 1 flavor, but 10 Flavors, yes, 10 Flavors at once. Blakk’s social media comments were filled with excitement yet again, followed by some disappointed people yet again who couldn’t check out in time, comments such as “who snatched my items out of my cart” and “Blakk Please Restock now because I missed out, I was at work, please Restock Blakk”! Whew!

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Blakk, Did the surprise release of his hookah pens on the same exact day that he was being HONORED in his city of NEW ORLEANS for being a Breakout Entrepreneur that’s breaking all kinds of barriers and setting new standards. Imagine, dropping your hookah pens and going to get honored and while on stage giving your acceptance speech you’re making over 1 MILLION DOLLARS and had no idea at the time! What an deserving HONOREE?! Congratulations to BLAKK TATTED of BLAKK SMOKE , we truly look forward to continuing to watch this amazing journey. This is truly only the beginning for Blakk and his BLAKK EXCELLENCE

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