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Each online game available on your mobile phone, and the computer was invented for at least one of these three things: a winning system, an exciting game style, and a high cost of transactions.

online slots

And computer games has a lousy reputation for emptying parental credit cards, online gambling's reputation is much worse.

Speculation about the benefits of online casinos and online gambling is hugely negative. However, there are some top-rated online casinos, as this live casino online platform.

There is still a particular attraction to going to a real casino. That is because players can see the people they deal with.

Gambling online has not had this kind of faith until gambling with cryptocurrency has come about.

There is still a small amount of trust toward online blackjack and slot machines. Gambling online has not had this kind of faith until gambling with cryptocurrency has come about.

Pressing the Red Switch

When people think about gambling online, they always imagine a white suit and a pen behind another monitor that somehow has something to do with them pressing the red button to lose. And while it may be too easy to be accurate, fair play is not always fair.

The idea of using blockchain to fix the hyperbole is still quite a long way to test and double-check. Therefore, we may see how the blockchain can fit into our daily lives. Blockchain is often associated with the word "transparency." And transparency often builds trust.

As Poutintsev, Bitbook's Marketing Director told Forbes:

This will not change, blockchain will not turn gambling into a wonderland where players win most of the time. Blockchain will keep a record of all the games and bets, their results, and the amounts that have been won and paid.

Players always have access the transaction history to confirm that the system has paid all amounts due and that the bets have not been falsified.

EVENT: Blockchain Gambling —The So-Called Solution in a Forum

The event details are as follows:

  • Title: Blockchain Gambling
  • Date: July 27, 2019
  • Time: 1 PM to 5 PM
  • Venue: BlockchainSpace, Acceler8, 111 Paseo De Roxas Makati City

The event was hosted by BlockDevs Asia, a community of blockchain builders who have conducted numerous blockchain building activities across the continent.

The purpose of the event was:

  • To create a stronger community of blockchain developers by increasing their knowledge of the technical and legal aspects of the gambling and gambling blockchain industry
  • Encourage developers to create a gaming and gambling platform that uses a blockchain.

The event was attended by 60 people, who had the opportunity to listen to an expert conversation about the casino with blockchain and online games.

The discussion included DApps statistics, development of blockchain casinos, examples of this industry with a comparison of used protocols, and integration of popular online games into online platforms. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions.

The panelists noted surprisingly active audience participation. There was an important question that left a lasting impression on the audience:

"How to convince regular gamblers to play with a blockchain instead of the existing traditional online gambling, given that people will be playing at the site with the highest jackpot?"

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Online Gambling and Everything that's Going Wrong

To make things clear, let's list all the things that online gaming does wrong.

A Trustworthy Image

Confidence comes first. People do not consider gambling on the Internet trustworthy. From sketchy gaming practices to scammers everywhere, and from gaming rigging and odds. As online casinos, it's hard to let people know it's safe for them.

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When you know that someone is not trustworthy, you'll keep yourself (and your money) away from that guy. That's the only thing an online casino has to deal with.

Questionable Records and Fraud

Most people know the inevitable break-in that some people do. When it comes to something digital or online things, cybersecurity is always a question.

Fraud leads to high losses for online casinos. People can cheat operators, withdraw money when it seems appropriate, and hide under false names and anonymity.

Membership and Accessibility

Not all eligible players have a bank account or a credit card. Not everyone wants to put this confidential information at risk. Not to mention the fact that minors can get away with joining an online casino.

Despite the security measures, the soft flexibility of online gaming puts most players at risk. Posting credit card information is not always what people want to do on the screen.

Payments and Payment Duration

When people win big, some casinos are slow to pay. This exacerbates the issue of trust. Online casinos depend on cash flow and fortunate winners are their most significant risk when it comes to it.

That doesn't mean winning is a bad thing. Players can still win.


Online casinos depend on third parties, such as banks. Often this makes transactions expensive. Not to mention the fact that the content of online casinos in working order will also be costly. As long as one or more organizations own the entire system, it will always be more expensive.

Crypto Gambling and How It Can Change Everything

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are buzzing. While other industries are mocking the idea, the online gaming industry should pay more attention to crypto games. It could be the next step for its future.

Record Transparency

Blockchains would allow crypto gaming to have a set of invariable records showing all transactions from all parties involved, and be verified by the same people in the system.

Although this could create a strong community, insurmountable records would allow players to double-check all bets and transactions made for them.

It is this benefit that would particularly build trust in cryptocurrency gambling.


The use of cryptocurrency in blockchain is beyond doubt. It not only provides another payment method but also functions on a fast system, reducing transaction time and the number of fraud cases.

It would also increase accessibility, especially for people who do not want to use their credit cards or who find a digital asset a safer and more secure way to place bets on the system.

Identity Verification

The blockchain platform will require a significant amount of identity verification. In most online casinos, identity verification would be limited. This results in players raising their eyebrows when multiple IDs and account numbers and names are required.

Blockhain removes this. And what's more, the blockchain system adds security to this information since no one will have access to it unless the data owner allows them to do so.

Besides, identity verification will create fewer shady places where crooks can hide. The system will allow you to block a player, especially if something illegal is involved and the records will still remain.

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Not only does the decentralized form of the game allow players to have other bets on which they can play, but the odds are somehow under their control. This is a new way to ensure a stable guessing game than trust solely in a centralized body.

While cryptocurrency regulation has been fixed with duct tape, crypto gambling, although decentralized, will still function following legal conditions and the law.

The idea behind crypto-gambling is to change the unreliable image of online gambling by introducing a new platform and a new form of assets.

To Sum Up

Gambling with crypto is on the rise. This is maybe because it's more than just a good idea.

Although you may oppose a few things, the promise of fair play and a good game is close. At least blockchain, cryptocurrency, and crypto gambling can offer this.

Blockchain may be the very thing that will build trust in the online gambling and gaming industry.