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Blood Moon Creates a World of Mystic Folklore on the NFT Network

Blood Moon is a troupe of NFT collectibles based on vicious-looking werewolves
Blood Moon

The world of non-fungible tokens has invited artworks of all shapes and sizes. Most contracts have come in the form of sports pieces or street-based characters. There has, however, been a growing network of tokens that fill up the folklore and mystic category. One collection that has introduced a mythic character into the blockchain network is Blood Moon, which has revamped the werewolf concept and brought it into the minted world.

Blood Moon is a troupe of NFT collectibles based on vicious-looking werewolves. It follows the narration of a lineage of werewolves who have wreaked havoc on the fictitious world these non-fungible characters reside in. As per the fantasy world, these creatures have been around since the beginning of time, ravaging villages and terrorizing citizens with their hunger for anything that breathes. But following a human uprising, these werewolves are now on the run as their prey turned predators hunt them down one by one.

Blood Moon is a troupe of NFT collectibles based on vicious-looking werewolves

The world of non-fungible tokens has been an opportunity for artists to express themselves through artworks and storylines. Accordingly, the network has had its fair share of collections that introduce new universes and realities. While not all of them stand out, those like Blood Moon have an edge above the others.

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The collection was created by an artist and art director who worked on the generative NFT project with diversity and sky-is-the-limit creativity in mind. Accordingly, the team has come up with a group of highly distinct artworks from one another. Most artworks in the NFT sphere adopt to using permutations of a handful of characteristics. This approach tends to create collections with slight differences. Blood Moon pushes that envelope further by making each of the NFT artworks as distinct as possible from one another. “You don’t get that same boring feeling after you’ve looked at them for an hour,” shares one company representative on the artwork pieces. “We used a lot of different and creative properties and traits that others just don’t have.”

To further make each piece different, the team’s artists also used full scenes as backgrounds instead of base colors or patterns to give each work a more intricate look. “We used a severed arm, hand holding different items from a human heart, a human head, to a dead bunny, for example,” explains one of the company’s artists. “I think once people get their eyes on our artwork, they will be blown away.”

Non-fungible tokens have taken off recently as people have flocked to digital networks to pick up these pieces. For some, it’s because of the love of art itself as NFT technology is turning into the art collector’s digital den. To others, it’s a way to grow their wealth, as many NFTs today increase in value tremendously through time.

Whichever it may be, art enthusiasts should keep an eye out on Blood Moon, which is quickly gathering momentum and will be launching on November 11. The company has also announced a roadmap, including all kinds of giveaways and prizes to members of its community.

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Blood Moon hopes to break the NFT code and become one of the top collections for legendary character lovers and collectors worldwide. Learn more by visiting the token’s website, Instagram profile, and Twitter account.