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Tina Odjaghian

Tina Odjaghian

Traumatic brain injury can change all aspects of your life and daily routine. Most of these injuries are caused by someone else's negligence. After a traumatic brain injury, you may live with devastating symptoms like loss of focus, concentration, or mental capacity.

A brain injury claim may not bring everything back to your life, but at least you will get funds to rebuild your life or seek treatment. Getting the right brain injury lawyer can have a significant impact on your claim. These cases are typically complex and time-consuming. Here are some of the qualities to consider when selecting a lawyer for your brain injury case.

Lawyer's Experience

Brain injury cases are complex and can be very difficult to win. Given the case's complexity, not every lawyer can handle it, and you may need to find an experienced lawyer to win the case. An experienced lawyer, in this case, is someone who has dealt with an issue similar to yours in the past.

An experienced lawyer brings three main valuable traits:

Given the case's complexity, not every lawyer can handle it, and you may need to find an experienced lawyer to win the case.

  • Knowledge of the law: one slight mistake can affect your compensation if you don't understand the law. For example, going back to work may impact your settlement. An experienced lawyer is aware of such small things and advises you on ways of proceeding with your personal life after a traumatic brain injury.
  • Knowledge of Insurance companies: an experienced lawyer should predict how much settlement you expect after analyzing your case. Additionally, the attorney should know how to convince insurance companies to offer you the compensation you deserve.
  • Knowledge of the local court system: understanding the law is not enough if the attorney has not been through the local court system. This knowledge is a valuable asset for brain injury cases.

Effective Communication Skills

Brain injury cases may take longer before you can get the money in your hands. During this process, you may need to keep in touch with your lawyer at every step. This is why you need to select one with excellent communication skills who can maintain constant and relevant communities throughout the entire period.

You will also need to consider the method of communication the lawyer prefers. For example, written communication is better than other methods like phone calls after a traumatic brain injury. Remember, this is a case, and written communication will leave a record behind, which is essential.

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How long does it take the lawyer to respond to your initial email or message? If it takes the attorney a long time to respond to your communication, move on. There is no guarantee the lawyer will be responding faster during the process and maybe busy at the moment to handle your case. Otherwise, it may take even longer to answer your questions after a lawyer takes over your case.

Reasonable Payment Arrangements

Lawyers are known to become expensive during the proceedings suddenly. This happens mostly if you didn't discuss the terms in detail before beginning the case. Discuss with the potential attorney that you want to hire how the payment process will look like.

Having a reasonable payment arrangement will help you recover faster and avoid inconveniences during the process. Remember that a brain injury may affect your job, medical bills can increase, and you may end up struggling financially. So as you choose a lawyer, cost matters.

Good Reviews from a Lawyer's Client

When deciding on the lawyer to represent you in a brain injury case, carefully read through reviews from previous clients. You can go further to examine specific reviews that are relevant to your current condition. Here are some areas to check for the reviews:

  • Reviews on the lawyer's website- most attorneys work in law firms, and their official website is the first place to visit. Reading through the reviews on the website, you may determine what the attorney prioritizes and what you are looking for.
  • Review on legal websites- most legal websites offer directories with information concerning lawyers in your geographical area. They also allow clients to rate or leave reviews about lawyers on the website. You can judge who fits your job using those reviews.
  • Reviews on social media- lawyers cannot easily curate reviews on Google or social media. This is the best place where you find the most honest reviews about the attorney. Also, remember to look at the negative reviews.

A Good Personality Fit

The personality of your attorney is not associated with skills in the courtroom. Sometimes the character does not matter as other attributes do. But since you will be working with your lawyer closely during the entire process, ensure your personality rhymes.

Always look for a lawyer who has the patience to constantly communicate with you even when the case is not going your way. If your personalities do not match, and maybe the case is not going your way, there is a possibility of getting frustrated during the process.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

You want a lawyer who will handle your claim the same way. If you feel uncomfortable with the attorney, consider seeking legal services elsewhere.