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After making careful considerations, you have finally decided you have to take those old windows and replace them with the new Brampton windows. Congratulations! However, one thing you should know is that window replacement encompasses more things than just ordering the windows and inserting them in the frame; you should know how to take measurements for such windows.

Brampton Replacement Windows

A few basic steps are involved in measuring Brampton windows. Learn step by step process on how to measure your windows.

That is what we want you to learn more about here. We want to make sure you know how to take measurements for the entire frame replacement windows, but don’t forget that it is recommended to hire an expert for full frame replacement projects. DIY for windows is an enjoyable undertaking, but the success of the entire activity is knowing when you can DIY and when to hire a professional. We don’t wish that you run into serious problems concerning your windows in future. Note that, poorly installed windows can result in structural damage, poor insulation, water damage and energy inefficient home. So, here is a step by step process of measuring Brampton windows if you decide to DIY. Take a gander.

  1. The Tools You Need.

For you to measure your Brampton windows, you need some tools to make that a reality. For some Brampton homeowners, you will have everything in your garage, but for some of us, we will have to get that from the nearest local tool shop. You will need;

  • A notepad.
  • Measuring tape.

These are vital tools to have, though they might look so basic.

Step 1: Collect the Tools and Conduct Research.

When planning to take measurements for the full frame replacement windows, you need to understand what you want. You need to collect the tools and watch several YouTube tutorials on how-to-guides. You should also make a trip to the local hardware to get the necessary tools and make sure you are ready to commence your work.

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Step 2: Taking Measurements for The Height.

Start measuring your windows Brampton height. Start at the surface of the top of the window, also called the head to the point of the sill of your window. Make sure you locate precisely both points on your window for accurate measurements. That is essential if you are dealing with wood windows since some parts are likely to have warped and bend. This is also why you need to use your level since it will help you locate where the points are on the sill and the head of your windows. However, if you are taking measurements for the new windows, you will not need to use the level. For correct measurements, measure the height several times and record the smallest number in your notepad. You will then minus 1\ 8 inch from that measurement. By deducting that number, you will be left by the height of the window.

Step 3: Measuring the Width.

One major challenge when it comes to measuring replacement Brampton windows is locating the right place to measure the width. Though there are various schools of thought concerning where you should start, it is advisable to start by raising the window sash to ensure the measurements are correct.

To get the size of the window, you should measure between the surface of jams for both sides of the frame. Just like measuring the height of the windows, you should also take several measurements and transfer your measurements on your notebook. Then, choose the smallest number and subtract 1\8 of an inch from it. That is the correct width of your windows Brampton.

Step 4: Measuring Depth.

When taking measurements for the various window parts, one most challenging part to measure for is the depth of the window. Measuring window depth is important, especially for the replacement Brampton windows. You need to make sure the measurements are correct to ensure that the window fits well in the frame and it is not small or oversize.

Measure the full dimension of the opening of your window Brampton by measuring between the interior and exterior stops to get the correct measurements. The measurements you get should be three and a quarter inch. Otherwise, the measurements would be wrong. So, double check your measurements to make sure they are correct.

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