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What is the law? Many people have different perspectives on its definition. In simple terms, a law is a set of rules that have been created by various bodies and enhanced to regulate behavior. For instance, there are different types of law that governs a country. People who reside in a particular state are enclosed under such regulations, and they must oblige to them. Failure of which might lead to serious consequences that may include payment of fines or even jail terms for serious offenses.

Branches of Law

The Types of Law

Studying law can be a good choice to make in life. Although there are different types of law that one should know about before pursuing their course of choice. In this article, we are going to discuss four different types of law offices that might be of interest to you. These are:

  • Common law
  • Civil law
  • Statutory requirement
  • Criminal law

Common Law

Rules and regulations under this branch are created from decisions made by the judge in a court. This is only applicable when two or more parties that are involved in a disagreement go to court to settle their issues, and they fail to agree on the law. Under such circumstances, they will have to depend on the judges to decide for their case. The court will have to look at how previous similar cases were solved. From there, the decisions that were agreed on will then be used in solving that case at hand.

If there are no documents that show any previous cases that resemble such, the judges will then have to decide on what should be done. The set of rules that will be made and used when determining the fate of such a case is termed as common law.

Civil Law

This is a type of law that touches on the rights and duties of an individual. It is always enforced where there are cases for compensation for such a person. For instance, a worker who is injured during work will have to file a civil claim for them to be compensated by the employer. This type of law focuses on the freedom of an individual. Civil cases are mostly handled by a court that makes decisions on what should be done at that time. The judgment that will be made here does not depend on the agreements made in previous cases like for common laws.

Branches of Law

Statutory Law

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In this branch, the types of rules that are present are created by the government. They select a team of legislators who generate such laws. Statutory laws are enforced by the judiciary, who on the other hand, do not have powers to create them. The main purpose of the judiciary is only to interpret the law to people for them to understand before any decisions are made. Anyone who violates this law is fined or can even be jailed.

If you want to pursue a career of becoming an attorney, then you have no choice but to master the art of statutory law. Studying law should not be a challenge to anybody at all. It only requires one to understand the concepts that are presented in each law. If you have any challenges working on your law career, you will never miss finding an online service company that offers essay help for law papers to students.

Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with crimes. The body that enforces it to the community is the police. All the rules that are involved here are created by a legislative body to protect a person from anything that might pose a risk to their life. Such risks that a person is protected against will include theft, murder, or even rape cases. Any individual who breaks this law is to be handled by police and arraigned in court for judgment. In most cases, such a person risks higher chances of being punished or rehabilitated. When handling criminal cases, investigations are done before the judgment is passed to an individual.

Choose Law Branch Career That Best Suits Your Ambition

For one to become a successful lawyer, judge, or a person who handles cases, you have to understand the law first. In addition to this, you must know how these laws are implemented or enforced. Lastly, the consequences of violating the law should be at your fingertips as well. Remember, each country or state is governed by its laws that are different from those in other places.

Daniil Balabushkin