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Breast cancer is more common than you think. Thousands of women die each year due to this malicious disease. What is worrying is that breast cancer mortalities occur in young women. At an age when they should be living their lives, people get sick and the cancer puts them on a completely different path. Women think that they do not need to worry. They are too young and they could not possibly have cancer. Unfortunately, very few people get to see their kids or their grandchildren grow up as cancer has an extremely low survival rate, perhaps the lowest. The good news is that there are chances of surviving cancer. We have heard plenty of remission stories to testify this fact.

Breast Cancer Survivors

Many breast cancer survivors consider getting an implant as part of breast reconstructive surgery. Implant reconstruction represents the best way to re-establish the contour after mastectomy.

Those who have never had breast cancer cannot even begin to imagine what it is like the day that the treatment is finished. Getting back to a normal life after an invasive cancer is anything but easy. Women who have had a mastectomy want to get on with their lives, but find it impossible. They are unhappy with the way in which they look. The surgery leaves them with a scar, not to mention that the change makes them feel less feminine. Many breast cancer survivors consider getting an implant as part of breast reconstructive surgery. Implant reconstruction represents the best way to re-establish the contour after mastectomy. Breast implants are completely safe and women do not experience complications following the surgical procedure.

Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy

It is tempting to think that after so much radiation and chemotherapy, the journey is over. The truth is that it is just the beginning. Cancer survivors have to do their best to stay positive and carry out with most things as if nothing has ever happened. Women find it impossible to feel good about their bodies after treatment. Things are not what they used to be, the result being that they have a negative body image and their sexual desire is gone altogether. Having a mastectomy is not the end of the world. There are options when it comes down to rebuilding the breast and women need to take advantage of them. As mentioned earlier, breast implants are a good idea. Check out Dr. Miami prices for an idea of what the cost will be for the surgery.

Breast reconstruction is basically a surgical procedure that brings back shape to the breast after surgery to remove the breast – mastectomy, in other words. Generally speaking, the surgical procedure takes place shortly after the mastectomy. Nonetheless, it can be realized months and even years after the removal of the breast occurred. The point is that there is no time limit. The breast reconstruction uses breast implants by Dr. Beber to reshape the breasts. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the surgery reconstructs the exact look of the natural breasts. This means that it is not a compromise. The surgical procedure does not promise to restore the sensation to the breast or nipple, though. It is true that the skin becomes more sensitive to the touch with time, yet it is not the same thing.

Breast Cancer Survivors

Reasons why cancer survivors may need breast reconstruction

Women who have survived cancer have a hard time deciding whether or not to undergo implant reconstruction. Rebuilding the breast/breasts is a personal choice, so it should not come as a surprise that cancer survivors have a hard time making up their minds. There are situations when it is necessary to have reconstruction, as follows:

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  • Scar tissue - It is not uncommon for women who have had a mastectomy to experience scarring. It is quite normal. What it is not normal is for the scar to expand, increasing in height and spreading over normal tissue. When this happens, it is paramount to remove the scar tissue and eliminate the discomfort. Additional surgery will remove or simply adjust the scar, as well as improve the cosmetic appearance. As far as the chest area is concerned, one procedure is never enough.
  • Making the chest look balanced - Post-mastectomy radiation takes a toll on the blood supply to the skin and tissue to the chest. Dealing with the cosmetic effects is difficult. Some women are afraid that their partners will not find them attractive or that others will not stop staring at them. The way in which the breast is reconstructed depends on how much tissue has been removed and the position of the tumor. Implant reconstructions do not look asymmetrical. On the contrary, they look just like the real thing.
  • Regaining breast shape – There is not a woman in the world who does not want to have perfectly shaped breasts. Sadly, after cancer treatment, everything changes. Restoring the breast after cancer is only possible with the help of implant reconstruction. The surgical procedure makes women feel comfortable in their skin and helps them permanently regain their breast shape. Patients look good no matter what clothes they wear and the mood that they are in.
Breast Cancer Survivors

What to expect after breast reconstruction surgery

There is nothing worse than a breast cancer diagnosis. You feel as if your entire life will fall apart. The treatment ultimately brings changes in a person’s body image and sexuality. Breast cancer survivors feel better in terms of medical health, but they feel bad about the way they look. More and more women opt for breast reconstruction surgery. It is a good thing that women have the courage to address such issues and take matters into their own hands. It is important to talk to a plastic surgeon about what to expect. It is essential for patients to understand how to take care of themselves following surgery and what is needed.

Those who undergo breast reconstruction with implants feel tired after the surgery. They experience exhaustion for approximately two weeks after the surgical procedure. Obviously, medicines for pain and inflammation are administered. When it comes down to getting back to normal, it takes weeks for the bruising to go away and bras are out of the question the first days. It is needless to say that patients have to follow the advice their plastic surgeons gave them. Experts know what is best and will be able to help women throughout the recovery process.

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