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Kelly Cruse lost her baby girl at the ripe age of 24 when she was just about to begin her life. And not only did she lose her daughter but also the mother of her grandkids, now left to fend for themselves. All because of a man who just couldn’t let her be, an abusive ex-partner who she did everything to make it work with.

And when her body was discovered, it was ruled a suicide. The bruises and gunshot wound didn’t amount to anything for the police. But a mother knows their child well and so did Kelly, who writes under her penname to protect the ongoing case from any damage. But still, when the justice system fails you, who do you turn to?


I Will Turn Up with Justice is a mother’s plea to bring justice to her daughter. To make sure that the perpetrator is punished and faces the consequences for their heinous crime.

An excerpt from the book,

Soon after a thorough push of 45 minutes, the baby slid out soaked in blood, giving out the loudest cry in the labor room, “It’s a girl,” the nurse announced. Kelly burst into tears of joy and said, “please call my husband.”

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The nurse called the father greeting him, “Congratulations, it’s a girl, Mr. Cruse.”

The nurse put the baby in Kelly’s lap and the couple wrapped their arms around her, naming her Rose; the most beautiful, admirable, and soft. Kelly was admitted to the hospital for the next two days and the couple took the baby home on Friday afternoon. Surprisingly, the same old house doesn’t feel the same anymore. There was something incredibly special and appealing about the walls, couch, bed, clothes, kitchen, and everything in the house. Something they have not witnessed in the first two girls. Rose had transformed the old house into a home sweet home. The older girl, Latrice, ran excitedly around the house welcoming the baby girl. Crawling on her tiny knees and hands, months passed by within a glimpse of an eye as Rose took her first step on her first birthday. The baby had filled the parents’ lives with joy and happiness. There was not a day they have not adored the little creature. Years passed and the couple welcomed a baby boy and named him, Ricky. It was now a family of beloved six. However, Rose was the flower child of the family.

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Set to be released in the fall of this year on Amazon Kindle sand Barnes & Noble, the book showcases a timeline of the events that took place prior to the death of daughter Rose Cruse, and the negligence showed in solving the case from the law enforcement as well. It has everything you need to understand the story and all the evidence to prove that a murder is what it really was.

All you have to do is take a read!