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Bryan McCoy

One of the toughest challenges we face in life is trying to find what job is ideal for us and stick with that career. For some it’s an office job, for others like Bryan McCoy, it’s something like being a stuntman. Yes, it might very well seem dangerous, but becoming a stuntman is a dream for a lot of people. Bryan is definitely one of them. At first, he started to focus on cars and action since he was a child.

The cool thing is that he developed a passion for cars after seeing his father and even his grandfather being a part of this business.

However, he persevered and he never gave up, as he tried to follow his dreams. One of the interesting things about Bryan McCoy is that his entire family was in the racing business for a very long time. The cool thing is that he developed a passion for cars after seeing his father and even his grandfather being a part of this business.

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His grandfather worked on the first racetrack for their hometown, named Uranium Speedway. They really wanted to create something unique and different, and Bryan was definitely impressed when he saw all of that as a child. With that being said, Bryan tried to imitate stuntmen like Evil Knievel and he tried to practice all kinds of stunts. Needless to say, he had this in his blood, and he really wanted to pursue the idea of doing all kinds of stunts and trying ways to improve his craft.

He moved away from his home and went to Albuquerque and then from there to LA, where he wanted to pursue his career as a stuntman for Hollywood movies. One of the first challenges that he had to face was to actually get his own SAG card in order to provide stuntman services in movies. His first role in a Hollywood movie was in a very low budget flic. However, it was the entry point that he needed in this industry, and he really pushed the boundaries trying to get that role the best way that he could.

On top of that, Bryan McCoy is one of those persons that work really hard to become a stuntman and bring their vision to life. They know that nothing is impossible, and if you work really hard to achieve things in life, you will get there all the time. He managed to acquire a Commercial Driver’s License Class A, and he improved his skills in fields like stick shift, drifting, precision driving and stunt driving.

Bryan McCoy is a clear example that trusting your instincts, knowing what to do and constantly pushing the limits can really pay off big time. There will always be challenges that can appear, but if you focus on your success and never give up, it’s always worth it.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

In fact, Bryan McCoy is now a teacher and he is giving stunts training to people that are passionate about this field. He can be the perfect stunts teacher, since he has such a long and powerful career backing up all his expertise!