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Jerrika Cox

Founded by Jerrika Cox, Wifi Wealth is becoming a go-to brand for the building, optimizing, and running of Amazon FBA stores in the United States

The risks and costs of building, optimizing, and running Amazon FBA stores is getting high. Competitors are getting bigger, smarter, and more aggressive, and for any store owner to be successful, they must constantly seek ways to get ahead and stay there. On this note, Jerrika Cox started Wifi Wealth to give Amazon FBA store owners an edge in the E-commerce industry and help prospective retailers build successful stores.

Wifi Wealth works by partnering with clients in developing proprietary software which selects high-performing products and builds a brand from scratch based on the software’s discoveries. The technique adopted by Wifi Wealth keeps other brands from stealing or listing their products when they discover how well the products are performing.

“I saw an opportunity to help other people experience the best thing you can experience in life: financial freedom, said Jerrika Cox, Founder, and CEO of Wifi Wealth. “I had built financial freedom for myself through passive income streams and found Amazon FBA to be a great way to bring that to the masses,” she added.

Jerrika understands that the biggest challenge to starting a business as an entrepreneur is being willing to take risks.

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The Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) business model is a setup where a seller chooses a product they would like to sell, Wifi Wealth finds a supplier, orders the product, packages, and ships all within the confines of Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. Wifi Wealth’s solution is to tackle the obstacles and hindrances to owning a successful Amazon FBA store. The brand tracks a selected niche, upload products in bulk, get products ranking up quickly, list all products on major Amazon searches and more.

Jerrika understands that the biggest challenge to starting a business as an entrepreneur is being willing to take risks. She further asserts that getting processes and procedures in place is always a bit of a challenge. This is why Jerrika ensures she hires only the right staff and thoroughly evaluates both the jobs skills a person possesses and their personality to ensure a good company culture fit before hiring.

During her formative years, the young entrepreneur and CEO learned a lot about how the world works and naturally became very street smart with thick skin. Jerrika says her childhood equipped her with the drive, resilience, and appetite for success. She incorporates these values in the operations of her company, Wifi Wealth.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Use Wifi Wealth’s proprietary E-commerce tools to build a successful Amazon FBA business and connect with customers in a way that’s more relatable than ever before. Please visit website or call the number (833) 939-5849.

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