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Business Promotion

There are many effective ways to optimize your “promotion” budget and get more profit out of it. You can ask for help from advertising companies in NYC. However, complex promotion is not necessary if the task is not to scale the business. There is no need to invest in website promotion if you use only a couple of channels for promotion and do not think about optimizing your expenses.

Any online business needs a steady growth in sales through all acceptable channels of attracting a target audience - using the website, social networks, and mailings; employing the services of link building like LinkLifting or getting backlinks in other ways; promoting products in search engines, etc. Each individual channel can bring new users and convert them into real buyers. In order to make it work for your business, you need to plan your actions and resources smartly.

What Does Online Promotion Give to You?

The benefits and actual value of online promotion are not so obvious.

The benefits and actual value of online promotion are not so obvious. So, what will you get when implementing a strategy for business promotion on the Internet?

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  • Constant traffic and sales growth;
  • The faster conversion of visitors into buyers;
  • The growing recognition of the company in the market;
  • The strengthened brand reputation;
  • Profit growth.

The full-fledged online business promotion covers a lot of different steps and approaches. Here are the main functional parts of the promotion tactic:

  • Website and business audits - SEO and usability, competitor analysis, sales department audit;
  • Sitemap creation - core clustering and structure visualization to further expand the structure of your online resource;
  • On-site and content optimization - making KW’s a part of site content;
  • Content marketing - developing a strategy for distributing content on different sites to maximize coverage of your target audience; analysis of your target audience, its needs, and communication channels;
  • SMM - management of company accounts in social networks, conducting promotions, responding to comments, communicating with clients in messages, etc.;
  • Contextual/targeted advertising - product promotion in search engines or in social networks;
  • CRM systems implementation - connecting web analytics systems and setting goals. Without this, you will not be able to keep track of site pages that perform well/badly; setting up end-to-end analytics helps you easily track ad budget spending, analyze and manage campaigns;
  • Development of dashboards in PowerBI systems - specialized reports accelerate the adoption of the right management decisions by the company's management team;
  • Improving site usability - conducting constant A/B tests for each individual element of the site; testing the color of buttons, captions under capture forms, USP, and much more; these tests help to increase the conversion of the site.

Apart from the above, we recommend that you take care of the technical side of your website. Make sure there is an automatic website check for operability every 5 minutes as well as a virus check. Technical support will also be of great service. It should be provided across the entire spectrum of work from the website to advertising since there might be some technical issues.