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A milestone was reached last year, and since then there has been a rise in the CBD industry, and the rise has been enormous. Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration which helped pass the bill in December 2018. 


The Farm bill permitted the cultivation of industrial hemp, making it legal for many uses with the inclusion of production of biomass for CBD oil extraction, by the Congress. The law has led to a drastic shift in interests and there are tons of companies which has already showered their interest, they yearn to take actions and, it basically is making the market all flooded. 

It was a while ago when the products manufactured were limited to certain. Here’s a list of CBD oils which are reputed & you can buy them.

But now, even a sneak peek will get you all confused, as the online marketplaces are all crawling with different types of brands and so are there distinctive products. 

You are bound to come across products of low quality and then products of high quality and maybe the average ones too.

The newly introduced products right now are e-liquids, beverages, topicals, topicals, creams, ointments, oils, tinctures to face packs, balms, lotions and a lot more. 

This is what makes, taking the right decision challenging. It isn’t as easy and good as the electronics industry where you compare for features and select the one which would serve your needs. It is challenging because all the CBD products are different, definitely not equal to each other in terms of creation.

You are bound to come across products of low quality and then products of high quality and maybe the average ones too. The basis on which you distinct among all the mentioned 3 categories is a knowledge barely attained by everyone, especially the newbies. If you really want the value of your money with the benefits associated with CBD, here is what you need to know, in the process of selection. 

10 Things to Know before You Buy CBD Oil

The only answer to your concern about finding the right product for use is “Awareness and Education”. With all the dilution in the market and the products offered, you need to know what characteristics must be searched in the product.

Here is how you can safely buy CBD oil:

#1 Prefer a product tested by a 3rd lab party

The first thing to do is search for a reliable 3rd lab testing results, which can be easily found in the company’s official website. You ought not to select the ones which have missing 3rd party test reports, for it is a bad sign as there is no proof of the claim the company provides regarding the product. 

There are companies which provide the same upon request or when their services are availed for, so you may choose to write to them formally in order to get the results. Now, if we talk about the lab reports, you need to search for a couple of things in it. 

You need to first check it the results displayed is done by an accredited company for they well adhered by the rules of testing. The perfect way to find is if they are well accredited by ISO or ILAC. next thing you need to check is when the approval was obtained, as older than 8 months reports are hard to be believed with. The third and the fourth thing you need to search for is if the product is free of contamination and the product’s consistency with the report.

#2 If the product contains 0.3%THC or lesser

THC might be legal in some of the states, but for others, it isn’t and what makes is legal is an appropriate % of available THC in all the states. You might want to check on your state as the percentage varies from 0.3% to 0.5%, for the legal formalities. 

The base rate is for the products to be safe to consume keeping the psychoactive effects to nil. If you live in a state where THC is illegal, you need to adhere by the rules and search for a product which contains less than the base prescribed THC. 

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#3 Ingredients which make up the product

Now, moving onto the 3rd tip, you shall look out for the ingredients which are used in the product. The ingredient list is entire to be taken into consideration. You need to look at each and every ingredient and if you can’t really relate to the product you must Google the terms and know everything about it, including the side effects they possess. 

It would be great if you find a product which is made with all kinds of natural ingredients or organic ingredients. The premium ingredients are an add on to the benefits and the value of the product.

#4 Source of the hemp and the way it was cultivated

Extraction is done from the hemp, which makes it the primary source and this is why it is essential to know the quality of hemp which makes up the product. CBD manufacturers are generally tied up with hemp traders and that is the basis of the origin of their deal. 

Some ensure they get the best hemp possible, creating ties with the best traders, while the other CBD manufacturers look for only the low priced hemp. The best interest would be from manufacturers who obtained organic extracted hemp which was cultivated under the best farming process. You may dig deeper into this context.

#5 The kind of CBD used in the product

If you have ever shopped for CBD products, you may have come across different terms such as “Full Spectrum CBD,” “Broad Spectrum CBD,” or “CBD Isolate.” this is what you need to know and understand the difference between them and the type you need to prefer. 

The difference is just the cannabinoid extraction process. 

The CBD Isolate, broadly speaking, contains 99% CBD extract which makes it a pure. It means, this CBD is an extraction of the hemp plant, which was then isolated from another cannabinoid that was present.

The Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the one where extraction was done from the hemp plant in adding with all the other present cannabinoid, along with THC. 

#6 The extraction process of the CBD

Methods of extracting CBD are numerous. And, if you want to know the standard one, the CO2 extraction is the safest of them all. It is especially the purest of all the other methods, as the purity of the CBD isn’t lost in the process of extraction, keeping it away from contamination. This makes is a superior yet standard method of extracting CBD. 

#7 The amount of CBD which is there is each dosage

Yet another important phenomenon is the dosage of CBD present in the product. For the same, you need to refer to the presence of the CBD in the product which will help you make an estimate about the per dosage level of the product. 

This is in order to check if the product will fit your body perfectly. The formula to obtain the amount of CBD per dosage would be the total amount of CBD in the bottle/number of servings in the bottle. You need to check the dosage as per your needs and they refer to buying it.

#8 Fair Price of the product

Just like any other product, you need to take the price into consideration for CBD product as well. This is to ensure you are paying the required and sufficient amount to the trader. Hence, you need to make sure you find answers to some of the questions, including the price of the similar products, the difference between the retail and the actual prices of the product, if the product is priced higher as compared to the other ones and does the price do justice to the benefits offered. Find the answers to ensure you are getting a fair deal.

#9 The reputation of the company and the reviews are given to it

Legacy is really a thing when quality is spoken of. You must check on the same, which include the user experience and rating of the product. Review and rating don’t do justice to products but you will have an idea about the expectations you can have with the product. Research is the basis of it and you can obtain the same just in a matter of a few minutes. 

#10 CBD laws of your state, regarding its legalization

This point is not in regards to the products, but to the laws which make up your state. It is important to have a general awareness of the product and laws relating to it. Make sure your state has legal CBD laws and that you can legal to purchase and also use CBD in your state. There has been progressing in the legalization of CBD but, some states are still in the dark and do not accept the same, hence it has to be taken into consideration. So has the THC content, mentioned before taken into consideration. 

Sarah Sahzadi