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Generally, couples who are ready to marry and buy wedding my name jewelry, the first time to buy a diamond ring, it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding & blind spot, what needs attention and understanding? Let's learn them below.

Buying Diamonds

Misunderstanding 1: Diamond ring fire only sees the cut, the more the facets, the more flashes
Cut not equal to facet. Usually the cut in 4C includes roundness, depth, width and facet. The cut composite index determines the intensity of light reflection. The 57, 58 facets we usually refer to are the number of round diamonds in the mainstream in China. Second, the number of facets depends on the size of the diamond. A diamond that has received hundreds of facets must also be a large carat. In addition, only emphasizes the number of cuts without considering the cutting method, and it is also impossible to obtain a flawed diamond.

In addition to the weight (size) of the diamond, the value of cut, clarity and color is also an important factor in determining and measuring the value of the diamond

Misunderstanding 2: Diamonds are going to buy big, cutting is not important
In addition to the weight (size) of the diamond, the value of cut, clarity and color is also an important factor in determining and measuring the value of the diamond. It is important not to arbitrarily value the diamond according to its size.

For example, a 1-carat diamond may not be as good as a 50-point high-quality diamond if it has a few grades in clarity and cut.

Misunderstanding 3: K gold ring set can not be selected or it will fade
In fact, K gold is more suitable for setting diamonds because it is more firm and not easily deformed. The price advantage is also very obvious. And with a variety of beautiful colors, such as white, rose, light gold, etc., more suitable for Asian skin.

The K gold that has worn out the surface is only restored to its original color. As long as it is re-plated and repaired, it can be cleaned and maintained regularly in a professional jewelry store. The diamond ring can still be as fresh and shiny as new.

Misunderstanding 4: As long as customized models look good, the mosaic method is no need consider
According to the rough diamonds with different carats and shapes, choose the appropriate mosaic method to ensure the safety of the diamond as much as possible, and avoid loosening of the diamond caused by improper mosaic. At the same time, only the choice of the mosaic method can present the beauty of the diamond in the best angle.

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Misunderstanding 5: Platinum setting Pt number bigger, the better
Platinum is the most popular material for newcomers. Platinum with a white radiance is hard and rare, symbolizing the promise of never fading. According to national regulations, all platinum jewelry should be marked with Pt purity. Pt900 represents platinum jewelry with a purity of 90%. There are also Pt950, Pt990 and Pt999 on the market. The higher the number, the higher the purity and the less likely to be corroded, but the smaller the hardness. Therefore, it is recommended to buy Pt900~Pt950 platinum as a diamond ring.

Misunderstanding 6: Wedding ring = pair ring, one is okay
We usually say that the wedding ring contains a diamond ring, pair rings, and a gold mothers ring. The marriage ceremony is exchanged for the pair rings which used for daily wear, is a symbol of married status. It is also essential that the diamond ring is tried for marriage or engagement. When attending a formal occasion after marriage, women can wear their diamond engagement rings and the pair ring with a complete set of rings, which is more fashionable.

Misunderstanding 7: Shaped diamonds are too different which can't appreciate
Princess square, drop shape, horse eye shape, egg shape and other shaped diamonds of course have an appreciation space, and because it is rare in the market, the collection value is not widely recognized, so its price is more close to the people than the round diamond.

The same is the quality of VVS, I-J, you can buy a 1 carat shaped diamond with 50 cents of round diamonds. Of course, relatively speaking, the current appreciation of round diamond is even faster.

Misunderstanding 8: No need to learn some knowledge before buying
If you don't have a good understanding of the business situation and on-site activities before the purchase. When you see so many products on the spot, you don't know how to choose, and it is easy to choose the wrong one.

Misunderstanding 9: All brands' after sales are the same
The after-sales service of each cheap custom jewelry brand is different, some charges, some do not charge. So when buying a ring, be sure to understand that what you can enjoy the rights. For example, cleaning services, basic lettering, changing sizes, trade-in, refurbishment, diamond reinforcement, etc. are paid for.

Before buying, it is recommended to search the Internet first, find several jewels that you like, and make similar comparisons. View offers, customer reviews, product introductions and images, etc., compare and filter, narrow down the selection.

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