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If your content has been going unseen, then there’s a chance Instagram’s algorithm hasn’t been marking your content very well. Instagram uses a complex system of calculations to determine the visibility of users. This can mean that your content is either viewed by many or viewed by a select few.


For users that want to become influencers, this algorithm can be a bit of a nuisance. In order to remain visible and get the maximum amount of exposure, the algorithm has to be beat.

What’s Buzzoid All About? This is our Buzzoid review

Buzzoid has been around for years, helping users grow their Instagram account. It is a social media marketing service that can boost your exposure by providing likes and followers as well as views on your content from real accounts.

Buzzoid has been around for years, helping users grow their Instagram account. It is a social media marketing service that can boost your exposure by providing likes and followers as well as views on your content from real accounts.

You can see large growth in an amazingly short amount of time. Your account can grow to have more than 1,000 followers, putting you in a prime position to beat Instagram’s algorithm.

Buzzoid: The #1 service to grow your Instagram account

When your goal is to gain increased exposure by getting more views, followers, or likes, then it’s important to be careful. There are some suspicious vendors out there that ask for private information and put your Instagram account as well as your financial information at risk.

Buzzoid is a trusted social media service that doesn’t require any sensitive information. All you have to do is enter your username and look for the package that best fits your needs. Once you’ve made a choice, you can enter your payment information and your order will start processing in just a few minutes.

Buzzoid’s Packages Are Affordable For Everyone

With Buzzoid, there’s no need to pay high prices to get the followers or likes that you want. You can also get views, which vary slightly in price from likes and followers. Packages start off low, with 100 followers or likes being $3 while the highest package goes up to $74.99 for 50,000 views.

There are numerous choices in between, so you can use Buzzoid no matter how big or small your budget is.

To grow your Instagram account easily, choose Buzzoid

Buzzoid was established shortly after the launch of Instagram and has spent years providing users with amazing support and control of their numbers and engagement. You can stay on top when you work with Buzzoid and get thousands of likes, views, or followers in the blink of an eye.

With all the benefits of this service, it’s no wonder that they are one of the top-rated choices for Instagram followers from an affordable source.

How to Beat the Algorithm: Influencer 101

One of the first things you should do when setting your sites on social media is to determine who your target audience is. This term refers to the individuals that you believe will be most interested in your content, brand, or services. Identifying the audience you will be targeting is important because it shapes the rest of your Instagram profile and helps you connect with others.

Having an understanding of the interests of your target audience is important since they will be your loyal fans and supporters. Try to learn what terms are popular in the community and use hashtags that are relevant to your audience.

Along with paying attention to your target audience, there are several other ways you can beat the algorithm and maintain your exposure. Along with Instagram’s handy tools, which allow users to track performance of content, you can try several other tactics to make sure that your content is being viewed by as many people as possible as consistently as possible.

Have You Tried Instagram Stories?

If you’ve never posted something on Instagram Stories, then you’re missing out on a chance to increase your visibility and exposure. This is a relatively new feature that lets users post short snippets that are displayed at the top of your news feed.

To get the most out of Stories, you should keep yours updated constantly and encourage others to take a look at the content on your page. Stories are constantly being updated by users and brands, so you should update your story on a regular basis to keep your content towards the front of the line.

Produce Engaging Content

Your content should be high quality from the very beginning. One fatal mistake that many new users make is expecting users to enjoy content when the images are blurred, pixelated, or out of focus.

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Engagement is the number one thing that the algorithm uses to calculate visibility and exposure of content. If users are not interacting with your content, then you will not be seen. No amount of likes can fix this problem – you simply have to fix your content.

Use clever captions and encourage users to comment on posts that interest them and have good visuals. You could even use a call to action, which encourages users to perform some task. Consider holding contests and events to encourage engagement.

Get With the Trends

By staying on top of what’s trending, you can stay on top and beat the algorithm. Research trends and keep an eye on the latest memes and viral challenges. You can participate in several ways, from posting a picture with a caption referencing the trend to recording a video to a challenge.

Keep up with the popular hashtags as well so that you know what to say to keep your content visible. Staying current is incredibly important to maintaining visibility and beating the Instagram algorithm. Try to stick with content that fits into your niche and relates to your target audience to keep from clashing with your brand.

Go Live!

Going live is a great feature on Instagram that allows you to connect with users and chat with them in real time. If you want to rise in the ranks and gain visibility, you’ll need to go live pretty often.

There’s no specific calculation in the algorithm for going live at the present time, but followers receive alerts whenever you go live and it puts your story at the front of the list. By going live, you can give users exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at your life as well as activities.

Influencers are known for posting to their stories and going live, which connects them with more fans and allows them to interact with their target audience. Since interaction is the most important factor in the algorithm, you should aim to live stream on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged.

Look at Your Timing

Have you ever noticed that some posts get more likes at certain times of the day while others get less likes? While it may not seem like much, your timing is critical to the amount of interaction your post receives.

Users are more active during certain hours, so you should look for patterns and aim to post during times when more users are online, and your content is seen by more individuals. Instagram has a handy feature that lets you see average user activity by the hour.

You could use this feature along with Buzzoid, which allows users to schedule likes on posts. You can make sure that as soon as your content is uploaded, it receives as many likes as you desire. Higher numbers could increase engagement from your target audience and make your post seem more appealing.

Repost User Content

Sharing content that is generated by others has become incredibly popular and is a great way to gain exposure and increase engagement. By sharing user content, you are showing that you relate to their posts and it can cause you to be seen as more than just a brand or a picture behind a screen.

When users look at you as more of a regular human being, they’re more likely to interact with your content. They also feel as though their content is of value to you, which can encourage them to reach out to you or share your content with others in reciprocation.

Influencers on Instagram have been sharing content that was made by their audience since the launch of the feature, saving them from having to post something original each day and increasing the amount of appreciation and excitement of users.

One technique used often is to encourage users to tag your username or use a certain hashtag if they would like the chance to be featured. This increases engagement and can lead to lots of interesting content for your Instagram. However, you should always remember to stick with your aesthetic when posting content.

Final Comments: Grow your Instagram account using Buzzoid!

Becoming an influencer is a goal that many people have but not everyone can achieve. Buzzoid has made rising to fame easier and more efficient by providing social media marketing services that allow users to create an Instagram that encourages users to interact.

If you’ve had trouble getting your Instagram off the ground and joining the ranks of the elite Instagram influencers, you can use some of the tips outlined above along with Buzzoid to see your engagement increase and gain organic followers steadily in no time.

The process of getting more followers that trust in your brand and becoming an influencer can potentially take years. Buzzoid shortens this process significantly, giving you trust as well as credibility within the Instagram community. If you’re not seeing the progress you want, you should try something new and work with Buzzoid.

James Reed