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Any person who wants to explore and expand their digital assets through crypto and NFT knows that it is a challenging and very dynamic landscape. The terminologies and technicalities are just two of the primary reasons why this digital space sometimes makes it overwhelming to the typical businessman who wants to grow his company. This trend is one of the reasons why the C.U.B Kingdom NFT collection wants to simplify the complex landscape of NFTs to empower more businesses for exponential growth.

C.U.B Kingdom is one of the newest NFT projects of custom-designed 3D tigers with more than 150 carefully handpicked traits by one of Singapore’s leading animation studios. Their NFT designs are both artistic and realistic because of the features brought by the fine details and eye-catching colors used in every token.

The creators of this NFT greatly believe in every person’s potential who would want to join and be part of their NFT community.

The creators of this NFT greatly believe in every person’s potential who would want to join and be part of their NFT community. And this same belief that exists in their team has pushed them to cultivate and establish a collaborative and united group that genuinely embraces their distinctive characteristics.

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They are the first-ever NFT project in the world that is envisioned to have a monetary conversion of their own tokens for internal events and games and establish physical hideouts worldwide for their community members to experience and enjoy. But more importantly, they aim to reinvest the funds from their members and potential supporters who have trusted them within other business verticals through DAO to engage them as their shareholders actively.

The Chinese character on the forehead means ‘King’ in Chinese, which symbolizes the Kingdom that the creators of the C.U.B Kingdom are envisioning with their growing community. They are eager to attract and include entrepreneurs, aspiring NFT enthusiasts, business owners, creative minds, and developers living in Southeast Asia and Canada because their mission is to expand to both multinational and multicultural markets. They are also hoping to reach out to more individuals exploring and trying out new investments in early startup groups but do not have the established network or access to do so. In addition, they are also on the lookout for the young and rising entrepreneurs, businessmen and women who are currently searching for relevant insights and practical wisdom in the industry and funding for their expansion.

“Tigers were chosen as the main character of our art as no two tigers have the same stripes. We believe that every single one of us is unique, and we can all come together to form a strong pack, embracing each other’s individuality,” said one of the creators in an interview. The team of C.U.B Kingdom has high value and respect for every business that has a great potential to grow and share their service and products with the world.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

While it is true that many businesses may lack the funds, connections and opportunity to expand, they hope to serve and reach a helping hand to these rising businesses by providing avenues and bridging them to the global markets, thereby granting more opportunities and exposing them to new market expansions.