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As one of the most famous cities in the world, it should come as little surprise that Los Angeles and also the state of California has some notable myths and legends associated with it. Here are some of the most interesting ones out there.

Myths and legends act as a form of escapism

Before getting into that, however, it’s important to note that regardless of location, people are fascinated by mythology and lore. They form part of a certain nation or region’s cultural identity as every different culture will have its own legends. With such a diverse range, it’s easy to see why people can become so interested.

In the modern age, with popular fiction taking the form of series such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, each different character in such stories will have their own backstories and dark secrets. Fiction can give rise to new myths and stories, adding to those passed down through the ages. Such interest has allowed mythology to form the basis of various entertainment in recent years. This can range from slot games such as Age of the Gods at Betfair's Casino or television programs such as Hercules the Legendary Journeys. The likes of these borrow from classic myths and legends of, say, Greek mythology. Those stories become central to their operation. For instance, Age of the Gods utilizes Greek-inspired card symbols, as well as having games inside the slots named after Greek gods such as Zeus or Athena.

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Myths native to Los Angeles and California

This area has been the sight of some intriguing tales down the years. One urban legend has it that a race of lizard people lived in the catacombs below the city of angels several thousand years ago. One geophysicist, named George Warren Shufelt, began a search for their treasure and the buried tunnels in the 1930s, allegedly building an X-ray machine that could show him the network of tunnels. The story got as far as being reported in the Los Angeles Times and without their documentation, Shufelt’s quest may have never come to light. It’s since become enshrined in Angeleno folklore.

It’s even said that the local weather can have odd effects on people. For instance, the Santa Ana winds have apparently been known to cause people to behave more aggressively than they normally would, thanks to the wind being strong, dry and hot. Local legend has also associated these winds with both homicides and earthquakes, and although this is a myth, it is grounded in some truth. The Santa Ana winds have been known to be a source of potential damage. With the winds being so hot, they can easily cause vegetation to die out, which increases the danger of wildfires.

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Myths and legends have this ability to conjure up some of the zaniest yet most interesting tales out there. With Los Angeles being a hotspot for some strange activity over the past couple of centuries, it’s certainly fair to say that some of their stories are definitely worth hearing about.

Nicky Peterson